Maybe I’m cynical, but I’ve always thought the motto to “dance like nobody’s watching” was an unrealistic cliche.  Dance is all about performance, right?
In the heart of Mexico City, I discovered otherwise.  We were walking the boardwalk late at night, marveling at the throngs of people out enjoying the street performers and buskers.   We were drawnto one alley where a group of percussionists were doing an incredible job of engaging the crowd.  There were a few dancers as part of their group, and they were responsible to “pass the hat” after their performances, but a wee little boy in the audience was who everyone was watching.  He was so tiny, barely walking, but he moved toward the music with such freedom and rhythm that it kept the crowd mesmerized.  The faster the beat, the faster he moved his little feet and his head bobbed without tiring.  He tried to imitate the hand stands and cartwheels of the professional dancers and the crowd cheered him on, but he was completely unaware.  His mom knelt close by, but she could not stop him; he danced and danced with all his soul and body.
He wasn’t performing, he wasn’t asking for a tip or even recognition.  He had a huge audience, but that didn’t affect him in the least.  The joy on his face and the delight in every move was worth more than I could have paid to watch.  In a city of more than 20 million people whose lives are broken, alone, afraid to be honest…. this little boy showed me what it means to dance like nobody’s watching.
We express our joy by different means, but I will never forget the purity and freedom that little guy showed me.  Jesus gives us this same child-like freedom to just be ourselves, to live out of the abundance of the spirit He has given us.  When we are comfortable in our own skin, we actually forget ourselves and our lives aren’t all about us.  Don’t be afraid of yourself, don’t worry who’s watching, and don’t temper your joy!  You just might discover the happiest person you’ll ever be.


Oaxaca, the home town of mole chicken.
We spent there 3 days with Alex and Christa. It was a blessing to see them again and to see how they live there in taco land, Mexico.


These are our Friends Alex and Christa





Cooking pizza with jalapenos peppers

View from Monte Alban






Alex on his job as a welder


Wheels on the road.

We met in Spain, started dating in Honduras, got engaged in Holland and are getting married in the U.S.  Honduras there in that little row is a special one. Joy lived there the last 10 months and leaving was not very easy. Before we left we visited Denys and Yoli up in the mountains, they brought us to our bus station and then off we went! 8 hours to Antigua! The bus ride was more then comfortable and that made it all go by very fast. When we arrived in Antigua and we wanted to get our bags we found our selfs without bags! The nice lady told us she loaded it on the mini bus at the place where we transferred but with words alone you are.. without luggage! We met up with our friends and we spent a good day in Antigua, which is such a nice city. We will leave again in the early morning towards Mexico!

You are welcome.

Thank you for visiting our website. You made the right choice! Of any country in the world we picked Honduras to prepare. Honduras is treating us well, giving us good weather and even quite a bit of ministry options to have a little taste of what our future might look like. But lets not go forward too quickly. Right now we are preparing for our wedding and planning it into the little details. We just finished making the invitations and now it is time to choose if we want broccoli or carrots to eat on the big day. Soon we will hop on the bus that will take us to Mexico. On our way we will stop in Guatemala to visit with friends. In Mexico we will visit friends as well and then we part again to go to our own beloved home country’s. We will say goodbye for our very last time. When Huibertjan will go to Holland he will find a job and a house to live in! Joy will prepare for the wedding which will be in NC.  We will keep you up to date on this blog and tell you of all our adventures along the road. Thank you and we will see you soon.
Huibertjan and Joy.