dreaming of a kingdom….

….where LOVE is the law
KINDNESS is the currency
FAITHFULNESS is our occupation
and JOY is the healing medicine.
Where PEACE is all over the media
where GENTLENESS the highest form of art,
and in PATIENCE is our education.
GOODNESS is our daily bread
and SELF CONTROL the government.

You’re the cake to my ice cream.

You’re the ocean to my shore
You’re the dinghy for my oar
You’re the two and six
that comes before the ‘heave!’
You’re the hagel to my slag
You’re the wooden in my clog
You’re the breeze against
my windmill and my bike.
You’re the Luigi to my Mario
and the audio in my video.
You’re the toner in my fax
that didn’t work.
You’re the tune in my guitar
The kebap to my bazaar
You’re the answer
to a million hopeful dreams.

Happy birthday, oak tree.

Your favorite mail dude.

Every where you travel, every where you go, every where you end up you can see it. The world is living in some sort of a crisis. Some people are having there own personal one and some others are just floating along on the economic crisis. And so also in the Netherlands we have people or company’s who are going trough a crisis. And so also our mail system. And I am not talking about Hot or G mail but about the old fashion snail mail. In Holland it is called “Tnt Post”. They are going trough a major crisis.
They closed down all there offices and opened  small little counters in different bookshops, they fired there hard working long term employees and hire par-time students and house wives to deliver the mail. And that is where I come in, not because I am an house wive but I think being a postman is so much fun.  Yes, I am looking for a job for a long time! But while I am looking for that job I might as well do something! My first day was a sunny day, and sunny days or appreciated in Holland especially when you are on the bike delivering the mail!
Of course I lost the way because I get lost in my own pocket but nevertheless I enjoyed and see a bright 2 months of delivering the mail to the loyal citizens of Rijswijk, The Netherlands.