Getting married (on time) is important

Today there is an opportunity to say something which we can only say once: there is one month between the wedding and now. Our “yes I do” will have a totally different meaning to it when we say it now.
It is exciting to think of the fact that in one month time we are all together, the sun shines, sweat drips on your forehead, music plays, one family meats the other, we celebrate and most of all honor God. After all without God non of this would ever happen.
What we can do in this period of time? Just wait. If you want some advice of how to wait I can give you some, I came a long way myself.
I waited on the train once, I was reading a book and when I heard something on the background I discovered it was to late all ready. I missed the train while waiting on it.  Just to make sure I am not missing my own wedding I am careful with reading books. Just the bible and thats about it.

Getting married is important. We better realize that being on time is an aspect of getting married. So being on time is important. Since I have an extra reminder to be on time (I don’t want to miss my plane) I certainly will be on time.  But for you, who ever reads this I challenge you to be on time, cause I know you can do it, thank you.