Dutch Apple pie

How are y’all, can I take y’alls order?
America is great. Especially when you order a big medium meal at apple, cracker, waffle, dunkin’, Kentucky Olive-hop House. Don’t forget about free refills.
That America and Holland are different doesn’t need more explanation when the waiter fills up my giant glass of coke for the third time, when he is still smiling, when he asks me if I want the channel on the television ┬áchanged, when he asks if I want more dressing on the salad, when he asks if I like a drink on the go, when he asks when I get married, when he suggested a place to marry, when he writes little notes on the receipt and keeps on smiling the whole time. In Holland the waiter just brings the food.
Next to all the eating and sleeping we are doing, we are getting ready for the wedding. We just got our license to marry and the suits and dresses to the dry cleaner.
It is going to be a wonderful day and we both can not wait for it to come. Free refills on the house.

See y’all there.