An forgetful mind

Think about it, isn’t weird that I am writing right now but by the time you read it the thing that I had written I might already forgot about. I guess it has all to do with our mind. When God created each and every single one of us, he gave us a free will and a mind of our own. Sometimes I don’t know if I can manage a mind on my own. I often forget things. For example I forgot my pants, shoes, toothpaste, hair gel, toothbrush, t-shirt and my wallet on the day I got married. It was the best day in my life so yeah.. my mind wasn’t with my toothpaste, instead it was with my fresh beauty of a bride and it stayed there. So I forgot about the rest. It is funny how I can remember events from years ago but I forget where my phone is while holding it in my hand or having it in my pocket. I do understand that I am not the only one with this problem and there are also many ways to get over an forgetful mind. I try writing down everything. Once I wrote down on my list not to forget the list. It didn’t help. But in the end it doesn’t matter. God did forget something too. Our sins and I am sure thankful for that.

A new life, same people.

It is hard to believe if you think about. Over a month a go we ran from the isle into our married life, we took a big bite of the wedding cake and then went of to a place we call us. From the V.S to England. From England to France, from France to Belgium and from Belgium to the Netherlands (das Niederlande) We did not have to look to see we where going to some changes. You could hear it very well. The American english slowly turning more polite and then just totally fade away into a a language that sounds like you choked in a bottle of champagne.. It was good to cross the border and hear the rolling r’s and the hot potato G. We made a house our home in The Hague and slowly got even some furniture for it! I got a job with the contract the immigration wanted. We got a free was machine from the 80’s and some shelves! We are very blessed and the first month of marriage has been a great new start in our great new life!
We will update you with our life and show you some more photo’s later.
Just because we can.