Adjusting as it is.

That Joy (Fousert) had to learn to live again, here in Holland we all knew. But looking in Hindsight it was a very brave thing to do. Assuming that Holland had the same latitude as New York it was quite a shock finding Holland with puddles in the streets. When Americans drink bottles of water and almost instantly sweat it out again because of the sun, in Holland they call two weeks of constant rain and wind Summer. And we cheer if the rain stops for a moment and the sun comes out. No doubt you will see some people sun bathing on the beach at 20 degrees (Celsius), it might be cold but the sun is there so no time to waste. And of course the language. Joy is doing a very good job adopting and learning about the Dutch Language. She can say quite a few words all ready. A big motivation are Joah and Elias. She babysits them every week and they are teaching her a lot of words. Goedzo!