So here is a little update from the Fouserts, in the Netherlands. The good news is that we are still alive!
And we are also still in Nederland, hoping to stay here for a little longer. Hj is looking for a job so we can apply for the visa and Joy can stay in Holland after all. But there is not much time. Last Friday Hj got an interview and it went well, they will let us know in one week. We decided that if we did not find a job around the 1st of October we will go back to the states to stay there for at least 3 months. But our first aim is to stay in this country. More info later!



the unmanageable One

The other day in the news, Blackpool (England) was mentioned, and my mind flipped back to when we did a sort of mini-outreach there during my DTS.  I remembered again the Syndicate building, that strange, giant building in the middle of Blackpool that I marched around seven times in obedience to God’s voice in my ear.  He just whispered to me a simple command to go and walk seven times around that building, claiming it for Him.  It was huge, but not until I started walking did I realize it took up a whole block.  What else I realized is that it was a night club.  Rachel joined me so I wouldn’t walk alone, and Luigi joined as well for most of the rounds, with his gentle, smiling protection through the dark alleys.  It was a long walk, and a long time to seven.  It was dark and cold and the pubs on the opposite streets were full of carousing men who laughed every time we passed by yet again.  Since that day, God has often repeated the command to “pray for the Syndicate building.”  Many times I have breathed prayers into it from afar and claimed that ground for YWAM or some other ministry.  So on Thursday when I was reminded yet again to pray for the Syndicate building, I decided to check online for answers to my prayers.  I typed into Google “syndicate building blackpool england” and my eyes opened wide as I scanned the first line of the Wikipedia article.  “The Syndicate was a superclub and music venue in Blackpool, England.  It was the largest nightclub in northwest England.”  Was?  WAS?  I ended up on the Syndicate’s website, where there is a note that reports they closed last month and explains, “Contrary to the inevitable speculation the cessation of trade is not as a result of trading, which has significantly enhanced over the last 6 months following the refurbishment, but is the result of a very difficult, unforeseen, unmanageable external factor.” I love when God is called unmanageable!!
In the past few weeks as we have asked God how to help the prostitutes in the street near us, He asked us if we are willing to get up when they have (finally) gone to bed and to pray in their street.  Normally we avoid it, as do all our friends.  But in the quiet, early mornings these past weeks we have been marching through that enemy territory declaring war and destruction and predicting an end to this business in our community.  We claim it for Jesus, claim it as a place where He will one day be honored because He is the King and He is the King over all other kings.
From our past experience, we know that when God asks us to pray specifically, it is because He is poised and eager to get something done.  He puts us in the right place to unleash His power, and to usher in His kingdom.  Because it is His word inspiring our intercession, there is no lack of faith that He will do exactly what He wants.  We simply agree with Who He is and what He will do, being faithful to fight the enemy until He tells us it’s enough.
In light of that, our visa problems might make sense.  Does Satan want us here?  Of course not.
From our perspective, it looks like I need to leave the country next week and stay out for 3 months.  Or we need a miracle (today I stopped praying for a miracle and started praying for a series of miracles).  We want to stay here so badly, and we think God wants us to be here longer, but the proverbial doors are slamming shut and so far we don’t see any proverbial windows opening.

House mouse.

Tomorrow we are married for half of a half year. 

So far we are facing some trials, but we are still rejoicing!
Right now we are struggling with a mouse in our house. I saw our little  new roommate (avoiding to pay any kind of rent) at first in our slop bucket in our little garden. (yes, the balcony) Soon after our first meeting in the slop bucket (I did not scream) I had the “pleasure” to welcome the mouse friend at the inside of our home. He brought a short visit to the kitchen. Since this was the first time I saw the mouse inside I wrote on the black board, just above the dutch phrases, “I saw a mouse in the house”. So when my lovely Joy opened her eyes a little later she started to learn her dutch phrases and at once she forgot all her dutch and just jumped in bed and did not come out for a little bit wondering which room I saw the mouse in. Then this very morning when I was eating my dutch breakfast at 05:30 A:M the mouse was more then awake all ready, good tempered too. I saw him going behind our record player stand (yes, we have a record player) and I thought I throw him a blanket so I could hold him/her and get to know each other a little better. But somehow the mouse got cold feet and left me in the dark.
Another “thing” we are struggling with, on a more serious note is Joy her visa. There is this giant list of things we need to do or have. So when we finally thought to have it all figured out spending tons of money to apply for this form and that certificate we went with high hope to the office of the Ind. The first part was all good. We got Joy registered and now we had to wait a little and go ahead and apply for the visa. Here comes the part it went all wrong. The paper we got from me work saying some stuff about my contract was wrong. This won’t do said the guy. Of course I got upset, calling the Ind people several times to make sure everything was all right, doing exactly what they told us and now there was this huge fact facing us that it was not good. After going to someone else who was good in explaining the matter we left and hoped God would help us trough this. We are still un sure about the matter and maybe I should quit my job but we know it is all in Gods hands and we rejoice because of this ” trial” we are going trough! Thank you for your prayers!