Thats how it crumbles (Cookie whise)

This morning while you were still sleeping, God was busy answering our big and little prayers; we had a great interviewer at the IND and she processed all our paperwork without a glitch. Now we will wait a maximum of 3 months to receive the final approval, but in the meantime I have a sticker in my passport that shows I am in process of applying and for now, I am LEGAL in Holland again.
Thank you all for supporting us with your prayers.

From Rotterdam to Dordrecht

There we went, lost memories came back to us from not too long ago. We went up to one of the oldest cities in Nederland. Somebody replied very positive on my letter and this brought us the result of a job interview.
Dordrecht was the name of the city and Joy and I went there together. The interview went well. Due to Joy’s visa problems sneaking up on us we got a little panic. I had to find this new job and if not we would have to go back to the U.S.A. While hoping/ waiting/praying for some more invitations for a new interview a lot of opportunities came up. Slowly we are seeing how we can help to bring God’s kingdom in The Hague.
But still this insecurity, the unknown, it was not comfortable. We got to meet a lot of people and tell our situation. A lot of people prayed for us and thank you all for that. After a couple more days we still did not got any more invitations for interviews, except the one in Dordrecht. I got picked to come over and show them how good I could cook. The day was fun and I was pleased to see they cooked with fresh ingredients ect. But again the long wait. I sended out some more letters hoping for a small miracle. But actually the miracle came from that one and only interview I had.
It was Friday, my very last day at my previous job. Still not heard yet. Joy found some cheap tickets and the idea of going home was kind of nice too in a way. But the feeling I got while reading the e-mail that told me I was the one they wanted to work with was overwhelming. I was so grateful that God did not give up on us. That He again provided at the very last minute. I want to jump up and make a hole in the air, but we do realize that the visa is not there yet.
We still need to apply for it and it might still bring some difficulties. But if we did not get that job we know that we would have booked the tickets to the U.S by now.
So thank you very much for praying and hope to see you soon! (In Holland)


Yes, around 1 October came and left already to only come back next year. We still don’t know much more then we did last time we wrote. We do thank you all for praying and supporting us. Huibertjan’s interview went well last week and he will go back tomorrow and give it a try in the kitchen this time. We will update you as soon as asap.