Snow in Holland

It happened! A fresh layer of heavenly snow fell down on Nederland. Even though it wasn’t a surprise, seeing white powdery sugar alike on the floor was a blessing. The professionals forecasted more than a week deep coldness, they say it will continue to freeze for a little more than a week. They often forecast weather and often they say it is good for the grass. This time it was good for having fun! People in Holland like iceskating so much that some people from a bike race club flooded there property and made a iceskating place out of it. We went there with a friend to explore even more Dutch culture. Joy was not very excited since my weather app said it was -13. One thing the app left out though is that if you skate really hard you will get warm in no time. And on top of that the sun shone like it never did before on a grey February day. We borrowed Sietske’s ice skates for Joy and we hopped on the bike and went through the snow to the schaatsbaan. It was good fun seeing happy little families trying to keep their toddlers from making the ice snow-free with there jackets or to see how teenage boys tried to pack the powder snow together in to a ball and throw it as hard as they can, finding themselves showered by the powder when the ball just looses every shape it once had as soon as it touches the air. Of course we did some skating as well, Joy fell only once which is quite impressive. We ate delicious freshly Joy-made doughnuts and that pretty much sums it up.