All for the King!

The good thing about getting kicked out of one country is that you’ll end up in another. We don’t have a home right now, but with the world as our oyster who wants a house when you could have a planet?  We look at maps and it all feels like home.

We’d prefer to travel by horse, (since that is the speed of our souls, you know) but to be more efficient, we’re taking a plane.  So far we’ve booked tickets to Washington DC, with a stopover in Iceland: home away from home.  We’ll spend the night in DC, so if you’re in the area be sure to let us know and we’ll buy your drink.  The next day we’ll take another couple flights to end up in Honduras, that beautiful land we love to call home!  We can’t wait to see mountains and Joy can warm up after a year of being chilly to cold and back.  We’ll visit the beloved Brechbill family, as well as many other very important people we love.

Our next stop is Costa Rica, after a long bus ride through Nicaragua.  God is leading us to a Christian rehab center for prostitutes and victims of human trafficking, but that is a blog post in itself.  Hj will be doing what he does best: cooking awesome food of course!  We will be involved in starting a food catering service, Lord willing. God is doing so many amazing things in our live that we sometimes just need to stop with what we are doing and enjoy the life we have now.


Living on an edge

Here we are again, writing about an issue regarding Joy’s visa. After applying  6 months ago we have waited for a response. We knew that the immigration services had to let us know something before 6 months, by law. The month of April started and we heard that we had to leave our house before the month was over. Not knowing what was going on with Joy’s visa we were trapped and moved into my sisters house one town over. We brought the key of our house to its owner on Friday morning knowing this would be the last day the immigration post could come in since it was the last working day of that month. We agreed with the owner that he would collect our post and let us know. When we passed our “old” house while going to church the next Sunday I could not resist to peak into the mailbox and see the letter there. I opened the door (knowing the old door doesn’t lock very well) and grabbed the letter. I quickly biked over to Joy who was waiting for me at the other side of the road. I ripped the letter open and I saw the visa was denied. Even though we waited exactly 6 months on this news it came like a punch in the face. Realizing that we had to say goodbye to all our new friends, we weeped in the middle of the street and the tears flowed during most of that day. We did get encouraging words from our friends and we are open for God to move as we were all the time. We do not know what are next action will be, as we have several options. Most of all we want God’s will to be done and seek for his plan. We appreciate your prayers!