From box to bigger box

When I (Hj this is) was writing our previous blog it was hard for me not to complain about our first days here in Costa Rica. We had a small room, a high rent, shared a apartment and I could go on for about 1.32 hours if I wanted. How ever, after full surrender to God en thanking Him for the fact that we are lucky that we at least have something, I wrote the previous blog. Now there is no need for avoiding negativism because; God traded our rice and beans into sunny sights up.

On a Costa Rican Holliday we went up to meet Eldon and Kenia Kornelsen. After some sharing they told us that the house of Eldons parents is empty for a couple months since they are visiting elsewhere. They showed us the house and it was like walking into the Weavers home. The house is located on a mountain and has a awesome view over the San Jose Central Valley. We were overwhelmed by this lovely house and moved in 3 days later. The only thing they asked was to please use the dishwasher so it doesn’t reek after a while. Even though we love doing the dishes with the hand we agreed on it 🙂