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We dived into American living with two feet at the same time. We raced from little Woodleaf to the Big Apple and back. We saw Roman saying Yes, I do and we saw Linda and Arlin living in a small city. The whole Weaver family reunited at the farm with some Amish golf and good times. Overall we enjoyed it very much! We still trust God everyday and serve Him today. We will continue to write and if you are forgetful as us and do not want to forget about our blog, you can click on the little yellow star in the right corner of your screen and you will get a note in your inbox once we update. Thank you.

Whats next?


On the independence day of Costa Rica we will leave the country and change it for some good ol’ America.It flew as fast as we could not imagine, time this is. I guess that is how time must be for God; at one moment he creates the earth and the next his creation creates a McDonalds.

We look back at a blessed time. God took good care of us and spoke His heart to us! He gave many revelations which we needed so much. We still do not know where we will go other then Applebees and Cracker Barrel. But we know that we need to be in His presence more then ever and thats what we will seek. We have to purchase some kind of ticket to some kind of country outside the States since Hj can not enter the States without a ticket out of the country. So if you have any suggestions or tickets you are not using let us know! 😉

It is always an adventure to trust God day by day. One day we went to a hotel to meet with friends who were visiting from Holland. We had little money to go there so we decided to walk.  We took a touristic route (we got lost) and took an hour longer in the land where the streets have no name. When we finally got there it was about dinnertime and our friend who was with a group invited us for dinner. We were kind of scared since we had to take the taxi back home and could not afford the taxi and dinner. We did not really trust in God since we took one plate to share and a water. Still God provided for us when our friend offered to pay our food and a guy we never met pushed a 25 dollar bill into our hand.

We learned our lesson and trust God more then ever. So why would we even consider worrying about something He already took care of a long “time” ago!