America in frames

I’d hate to try to describe Roman and Mimi’s wedding, because I’ve read too many wedding blogs and for sure I’ll sound cliche…. but it really was gorgeous, intimate, fun, and full of their great personalities.  Their vows were solemn, as good vows are, but they had some little bits about dogs and fights too, that made us laugh.  If you look closely, you can read Mimi’s vows on the screen behind them.

Roman is my wonderful cousin and even better…. longtime friend.  Lots of people know he’s good at thinking and he’s smart, but I happen to know he’s thoughtful and wise too.

The banquet alone was worth the 12-hour drive to New York, Hj reveling in the fabulous sushi and me just decorating my plate with color and texture.   Everything’s edible at this art museum!

Hj got compliments for his stylish plating.  And why wouldn’t he?  He loves Asian.  🙂

The perk of the day was definitely running into Megan, another longtime dear, wise friend.  We got baptized together in a muddy pond!

What could ease the pain of missing Cousin Linda’s wedding?  Perhaps an overnight visit to her new home in the city with her new husband Arlin.  Thankfully Linda knows me well, and she didn’t seem a bit surprised when we changed our plans last minute and stayed longer.  We’ve traveled by plane, train, bus and Beetle together, Linda and I– always by the seat of our pants, so to speak!  (Hj was almost as excited to be there as I was)
We witnessed another beautiful cousin wed in another beautiful ceremony.  Our camera didn’t make it very far through the evening, because we were much too distracted by all the wonderful folks we hadn’t seen in so long.  We gathered ’round the spiced cider, the fire pit and the photo booths.  It was delightful and romantic, just like Goy’s wedding must be!

Hj and I had the perfect opportunity to try our parenting skills on some mighty fine kids, 4 of my nieces and nephews.  We babysat for a week while their parents slipped off to yonder beach.  It was so fun to hang out with these kids for a week we felt we should be paying for the privilege.

Our friends from Texas came by and we (semi)hosted a giant party in their honor, and got to indulge in a real low country boil.  It was such a smashing success.

You just throw all this spicy goodness on newspapers and let the crowd go wild.  Tip: your Dutch husband will freak out when he sees you hogging the melted butter.

Little Cookie Joy managed to survive her first year of living with Motz and Paige, and we got to celebrate her golden birthday on Oct. 1!  She gets pretty tired by the end of the day, but wouldn’t we all if we had to pack so much cuteness around all the time??

Then there was the week at The Farm, which is where all my family gets together whenever we can (which isn’t very often) and keeps a demanding schedule of rowdy games and strenuous hikes, with meager meals between.  As you can see: (haha)

Don’t ask me why we had a puzzle outdoors, but it was a fun challenge to get it done in 2 days.  Some ambitious members of the family topped off a full day of puzzling with a P90x workout.  🙂

Last Saturday while Hj was car shopping, I staked out a spot at the local horse show where three little Weaver cowgirls competed.  They all went home with ribbons!

Please, join us!

We just spent two and a half months volunteering at the Rahab Foundation, and our hearts were deeply touched by the immense needs in and around San José. We couldn’t leave without the promise that we will be back, and we would love to take you along this time. There are plenty of practical ways to serve
the Rahab Foundation: maintenance, childcare, and cooking, to name a few of the immediate needs. As well, you will get to hear the testimonies of God’s incredible salvation in the lives of former prostitutes, and carry that hope within you as we go into the streets at night to offer the light of Jesus to the broken- hearted who are in darkness. Our hope is that you discover another dimension of the glorious Gospel of
Christ as you take His love to the “least of these.” Everybody who is interested please let us know, we will fly on the 22nd of November and we will be back at the 6th of December. Thank you.