Moving on!

We are in a whirlwind of changes but we are in the eye of the storm– the more we try to steady our course the more we are forced back into the life of adventures and unsureness.
Coming back from Costa Rica I had a troublesome experience with my friends from customs. They weren’t too happy to see me and they were rather willing to toss me back over the ocean into my fatherland. After spreading some panic about that, we calmed down and found out that the panic was all for nothing. We mailed my application forms now and pray that they will grant me permission to stay as close to my wife as possible.
We had this great plan to move to this tiny mountain town and live there and work! Kenny, our dear friend told us he had just fixed up a house and was trying to sell it. It won’t sell in the winter, he assured us, so in the meantime he was kind enough to let us live in it. Well… Kenny was right!  It won’t sell in the winter because it sold in the fall.
Our first hours in that little house were quite amazing. First we discovered the great work Anna and Leeny had done to make the place look bright and beautiful. Then we found all the nice welcome gifts from our mountain friends. We felt so welcome in our little house, every time we would leave the house and come back there was a new gift for us on the counter!
We just got in our house and 55 minutes later our first honored guests the Andrew Weaver family came to stay with us for the weekend and that was a lot of fun!
Four days after we moved into the house it sold. This time we did not panic and we also did not worry. We knew God had a plan. A couple of days ago we heard that one of the apartments in downtown will be available pretty soon so it looks like we are again, moving on!