Intercessors, unite.

We are looking for dedicated intercessors to help us complete our next assignment in our desire to bring redemption and hope to prostitutes.  It isn’t a dream we dreamed ourselves, but when we asked God what we can do to help stop prostitution before it starts…. He gave us a very clear answer.  We are making steps toward fulfilling the tasks we’ve been given, but there is so much more than we can carry out ourselves.
If you are a woman with a gift or calling to intercession, we joyfully invite you along for a week abroad in March 2013.  If you are a woman with passion and a strong spirit and don’t know your gift or calling, you are welcome too.  We are open to anyone who’s willing to travel, willing to stand in the gap for others, and who is female.  🙂  Don’t worry if you have no money, five kids, or a full-time job.  Consider them carefully, but don’t worry.  Does God ever call us to the impossible?  All the time!
If you’re interested, email us at and we will spill the details.

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