Here we grow…

Everyone at our house is growing, it seems; some of us growing limbs and some of us going out on them.  Our tiny baby is six months old now, sort of.  It is such an honor to be parents and we can’t quite believe the wonder and miracle and glory of hosting a real, live human being in our world!  We are reading stacks of borrowed books, listening to lots of solicited–but mostly unsolicited– advice, and still on the hunt for the Perfect Name.

HJ plays guitar for Pommy, who leads the orchestra with the flailing flamboyance of an octopus who just slipped on a banana peel, at least that’s what it feels like.  One of Pommy’s parents thinks she is a girl, and one of them thinks he is a boy.  We’re going to wait until the great debut to find out, Lord willing around the end of June.

IMG_6342Despite HJ’s last blog post, he has an appointment for the big immigration interview in Charlotte to prove that he has what it takes to be an American.  We are trying to expect the unexpected, because that’s usually what happens to us, but when you don’t know what to expect it’s also hard to know what not to expect.  So we are like lizards chasing our tails on that one.  It’s out of our control so we are just asking for God’s will to be done with no interference by humankind.


I’m packing my big old suitcase again and headed off toward a sandy beach next week!  It sounds like a vacation, but in fact it’s the intercession trip and we all know intercession is no walk in the park when the “principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places” wrestle back.  When God calls us to something we can’t possibly do by ourselves, it is actually very easy to trust Him and not take things into our own hands.  Ministry gets easier because we learn how to make way, and then step away.   So even though I am supposedly leading a team, all I am doing is what I have been told.  I feel as free as a bird in the big blue sky, because the pressure’s not on me, praise God.

We will appreciate your prayers in the next two weeks, nevertheless.  HJ and I will be apart for a week, which isn’t very long but isn’t very easy either.  When you pray for us, put us into the Father’s hand so that when the devil comes raging against us, he cannot find us.  🙂