Two rights don’t make a left

Since I accepted the fact that I am in America and the States are going to be part of my life, God honored our request and gave me a “greencard”. There is no way back. I am to stay in the States for at least 3 years. Don’t get me wrong; this is a good thing.

In order to celebrate this we decided to buy a couch, since we always borrowed stuff because we weren’t sure if we would be able to stay in the States. And the couches we borrowed were recently returned and all we had for sitting was a bright pink bean bag, a papasan, a hammock, a rocker-glider, 2 dining room chairs and of course the floor.  It looked like a jungle gym. We were looking for a sectional-couch since we have a very nice corner it would fit in perfectly. After trying some couches and being blown away by the prices we decided to go for a futon. It was Thursday and we had company coming over for the weekend which needed a place to rest their weary bones so a futon was perfect since it folds into a bed, you see. Our guests seemed to like it and so did we. Then all of the sudden a friend of ours said they got a free sectional couch and it did not fit in their house so they gave it to us. Minor detail was that the couch sat into some raw sewage and the insurance company had declared it no longer useable. The poop got washed off though, and we could not say no to 3 reclinable and 2 heatable seats (not even to mention the massage functions). So we got it and placed the couch into our perfect little corner. It looked beautiful, except for the small futon squeezed on the other side of the wall, creating a perfect U-shape with the sectional. You need to know that our apartment isn’t big, so we got rid of the beanbag, papasan and moved the rocker into our bedroom. We are thinking of either storing or selling the futon so if you want it please let us know!


In the meantime Joy stopped working at the coffee-cart and now is preparing for our dear little Pommy to come and spice up our life! She grows more beautiful each day!

We both can’t wait for the baby to come. Before the baby comes we are planning to go on a road trip to Canada to celebrate our second anniversary since we hold a home-made family tradition that on every anniversary we will leave the country.

So if you’re on the way let us know and we will stop by!

Creative power



During our trip to the DR, we kept a community journal on a big paper banner (which was actually freezer paper from Walmart).  The banner looks quite impressive up on the wall, meter after meter celebrating the goodness and truth of God, memories of what we did, prayers and mediations in the night– all kinds of stuff.

The photo shows my favorite spot on the banner: our hands, filled with words of truth and blessing about each other.  It’s a simple exercise, but the results are immeasurable!  I love words, and words of affirmation make my day any day; but these words are pure gold to me– precious and weighty.  I read them again and again, and each time I do I believe them a little more.  I believe the words written for me, but I also believe the words written for the others.  God’s vision for others becomes my vision when I take the time to listen and dream with Him.

We will do this exercise frequently with our kids, Lord willing.  If the power of life and death lies in our mouths, we cannot afford to be flippant about the words we speak to ourselves, to each other and about each other.  What is your tongue putting to death today, and what is it bringing to life?

Expect a miracle

To all of you who prayed for our trip to the Dominican Republic, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We are so deeply grateful to God for the mountains that He moved, the heavens that He tore, and the lives that He shook.  It was an incredible time not only for the country we were praying for, but also in our own lives as God rearranged and brought refreshing to us personally.  In case you weren’t in on the email updates, here is the last one, to whet your appetite.  God is good; He cannot be otherwise!

Abby W, Feb 20:  One thing God has been teaching me lately is just how to pray (and live!) with the power and authority He has given me as His child.  During this trip, I want Him to teach me more praying with authority, having perfect faith that He will do what He promised…
March 23: Over and over again on the trip, God assured me that this was His battle, and He was the one fighting.  All I needed to do was hear His heart and agree with what He was already doing.  And as I did that, God was so faithful in giving me the words to pray!  I realized again that Jesus in me is what makes me strong.  And because of Jesus in me, I do have the power and authority to cast down anything that does not line up with Jesus!

Naomi, Feb 22: My goal is to see someone receive hope.  (I know this sounds really vague, but God keeps impressing me with the fact that so many of the women are where they are because of a loss of hope.  HE says, however, that He has plans for them, plans to give them a future and HOPE.)
March 23: One thing I really wanted was to be able to see one of the girls receive HOPE, and that is exactly what happened as we talked to Joselyn.  Especially when Thelma spoke to her just before she left, I saw the hope rising in her eyes that God does indeed have better plans for her and He is coming to do a new thing in her and for her.

Anna, Feb 22: I pray that God would reveal his heart concerning sex slavery or human trafficking to my heart so I know how to pray effectively day by day.
March 23: Wow, wow not in a million years could I have come up with what my own sweet Abba Father did to reveal His heart to me. I was before Him in prayer when out of the deepest corners of my being rose such intense pain and travail of soul…I asked God what is this all about??? When a vision as clear as glass came before me…A curtain opened and before me I saw many faces of dear people I love, my travail of soul got more intense and such deep wounds rose up in me..I was able to cry out in confidence: God, I give you all this pain.  As only dear Abba Father can He came into my spirit with such amazing HEALING, washed me clean and filled me with His very own gentle Spirit, my cry changed from travail to joy unspeakable. Oh the sweetness of it all was too much for me and yet I was so so humbled to know it was none else but God who had just cleansed me, filled me with a love not my own.     The sobering fact of the vision was that all those dear faces who passed before me were men, except my own dear Mama, now home with Jesus. Do I understand it all?? Not yet, but I had so many questions for God on my flight home and bless His name he keeps giving me revelation. One thing I do know, He did show me his heart for all the women in the D R. They need to find release for all the pain caused by men and find freedom to love men as He has called us women to love!!!

Joy, Feb 25: One goal I have for this trip is to walk in genuine, heavenly authority.  I am looking forward to watching God be able to use me on a new level in authority against darkness, because of the choices I am making now to keep my body and emotions under the authority of my spirit, where THE Spirit of Truth lives!
March 23: Heavenly authority is no joke!  I am so grateful that kind of authority is for every believer and my eyes were opened to the simplicity of God’s ways.  We walk in authority of our own lives, God is able to trust us with authority over demons and strongholds of the enemy with no fear or trepidation.  I especially remember the night I was holding a dear, tiny Haitian lady as her body convulsed and her face contorted in dark agony.  I whispered in her ear to take every sin to the cross of Jesus and leave them there, and in a moment she relaxed and started praising God.  It was so simple, and so beautiful.

Abby K, Feb 23:  An expectation or hope I have for myself personally this trip is that I might be able to figure out my place in this fight against human trafficking.
March 23:  Praise Jesus, He has begun to show me just that. From the very first days of the trip it was evident to me that He has put in my heart a deep desire to make sure that children have the education and protection needed to not be vulnerable to traffickers that might prey on them. Many times throughout the trip, I kept getting the word “prevention”, and I am so grateful to God for revealing this to me, through His word and through others. I am still not exactly sure what this looks like in my life, but I am confident that God will continue to reveal more specifically what His plan is for me, because He’s just amazing like that. 🙂

Yolanda, Feb 23:  I’m trying to narrow down what l want to experience on this trip to the one top thing. : ) One big one is that l would love to make a DR friend… Someone who speaks English and can share hearts with. Someone who has insight on the subject at hand, whether her own story or concern for her people.  l want this to be more then statistics and people out there but be able to connect with a story, a face, a real human with a heart!
March 23:  The answer to my goal for the trip came about on the very last night of our stay.  I had met and been able to talk to several prostitutes during the trip up to that time but I still hadn’t met my English speaking prostitute.  God blessed me above what I could have imagined when walking the streets on that last night, God brought me in contact with Ermanie.  Not only did she speak English very well, she was dissatisfied with her life.  A girl who knew where she would go if she died, and wanted to get back to the God she used to know.  When I asked how I could pray for her, her requests were that God would change her life and make her clean, “I know He can”.  She only looked sad and thoughtful when I asked her if she would like to be clean that night, but I trust God will continue to water the seed that has been planted!  Please pray for Ermanie when God brings her to mind!

Thelma, Feb 25:  This desire on my heart is for at home just as much as on our trip, and I think maybe God will use the trip as an accelerator. The wish being this: to hear God’s voice speaking to me as clearly while doing and going and the actual hands on ministering as I hear Him in my quiet little house while drinking coffee and reading in my big, comfy chair. I love those times, but know there is more. And I want that. 🙂
March 23: One of my goals for the trip was to hear God’s voice speaking clearly to me while doing actual hands on ministering, whether prophetic, blessing, or for intercession. All praise to Jesus, He answered my prayer, allowing me to speak words of Life and Blessing to a prostitute we met on the street. Joselyn came to us asking for prayer because she knows her life is not right and wishes it to be different. I believe with all my heart she will be changed, for “Jesus has chosen her. She is a princess, and God loves her very much!”