What to do when you’re overdue

It is funny, when you are pregnant you are not only expecting a baby, but also a lot of other things. We expected to go late and so we did. Tomorrow our baby is officially one week late.
The thing is, when me and Joy were dating we did lots of waiting. When we had seen each other for a week we had to wait 2 or 3 months to see each other again. Attempting to make the wait feel shorter I would create events to look forward to so I would focus on the event instead of focusing on the overwhelming 3 months of not seeing my favorite American pumpkin. Now, since 9 months seem like a eternity that lasts forever (as they often do) we created a whole bunch of events to look forward to. Some of the events were other people having babies or birthdays, one for Joy was to stop working, etc. Our last event was our own due-date. We had 3 different due dates  from 3 different people or institutions. At first the early due date came and then the middle one which we considered the “real” one. And now even the latest due date is long gone and all we have left is the birthday of our dear baby.
The wait seems longer because you have to make decisions based on contractions. When we were still waiting on the due date we tried to plan every evening full so we had something to occupy our minds. Right now we can’t go ahead planning spaghetti festivals because if the contraction hits we will have a bunch of spaghetti left over and that would be a waste. Nevertheless, we got to do something. So this morning we went to a liquidation auction, flea market, Wal-mart and different music shops. We ended up with a single bed and a table we don’t need.
I wish the writers of what to expect when you’re expecting wrote a book about overdueing it!

IMG_1668(Where we were one year ago!)

39 weeks


IMG_7223IMG_7396IMG_7561Hj told me yesterday that I have reached week 39 in my pregnancy and then we had a selah moment: we just paused our lives and thought about it for awhile.  We can hardly wait for the big day that will change our lives, the day we meet our son or daughter.  It has already been mind-blowing just to realize that these fallen, human bodies are still capable of carrying giant miracles in tiny forms.



We are in phase 2 of the Maker’s diet, a whim that successfully staved off those last-week pastry cravings that took me by surprise.  Hj was going to gain weight on this diet, but I’m not sure we have been so successful there.   Amid the countless green salads and endless berries, we are dreaming of our first meal after the baby arrives, but I can’t get past a large vanilla ice cream cone from my dad’s new soft ice cream machine.


On our trip to Canada, we spent many of our hours in the car reading “The Moral Revolution.”  From that book we were inspired to create our own lists of virtues and values to live by: one for our family, and one for each of us.  (our goal is to help our kids write their own once they reach adolescence) One of Hj’s values is to not work for money as a motivation, which is quite a mouthful at any stage of life, I think, but especially now.  God has shown us again and again that we will never come up short when we are seeking His kingdom first.  He provides every single resource we need to do His will, and the rest we can leave undone.

Different Mountains

Last weekend I went to a wedding in Salida, Colorado.
One of my friends who I met aboard the Next Wave (YWAM) got married and almost our whole outreach team came for the wedding to hang out and catch up. It is good to see people again after almost 3 years. Without Facebook it is so much more fun to catch up since you really have no clue what happend in their lives. One of the students was married for two months and I did not even know she was dating. The wedding was supposed to be late at night. The invitation said it would start at 7:45 pm but rumors went around that it probably won’t start before 8:15. So when we left at 8:00 we thought we had plenty of time. We entered the address in the phone and Google led us… astray! We got so lost in the high mountains that we were just in time to see the married couple kiss. Quite ironic– you fly 3 hours to miss the wedding. But hey, the reception was fun and hanging out with my (old) friends was more than worth it.
One of my highlights was definitely going to an abandoned mine. Some of us were smart enough to fill up some oil lamps and had plenty of light in the dark cave; others were struggling with their iPhone flashlights trying to find their way. Soon enough we ran into a big cliff going straight up and in the corner there was a flimsy rope. Some of the wise people took their oil lamps and walked back. Others took their struggling iPhones and climbed straight up! Three straight rock walls later we reached the end where there was a pile of rocks and two bears, I mean beers. We felt accomplished and went back.
Joy was not along this time since she is not allowed to fly in this stage of her pregnancy and that is the downside of this story.