The babe is asleep

Babies are a mystery. How is it possible to love a tiny human girl so incredibly much?
Of course I knew before we got Ellie that our life would change and even some friends told me that it will never be the same again. I am so glad, there is no way I could go back to a life without my beautiful daughter. She is an angel with a diaper, a blessing without words, she makes every adult blush with her beauty and she is going to do so much more.
When she is just done nursing and her tummy is full it just cracks me up how satisfied she looks, she looks around with her big eyes taking the world in as it is. She is a pearl, a gorgeous gem and that to think she is only 4 days old.


Hello world!

We are on the other side, Joy is holding our newly born daughter: Ellie Harper.
She was born on the 30th of June, 08:37 PM. She weighs 6lb 13 oz and she is 20″ long at room temperature.
We are delighted and so very happy that our healthy daughter is doing very good. Joy did an amazing job delivering the little one with severe back labor. We were about to leave the house to go to the hospital because dilation started to go backwards when God honored our prayers and Joy pushed the baby out in 12 minutes on the kitchen floor.
We praised God over and over again because of the great miracle he did going from 8 cm dilation to our baby being born.
We are going to enjoy our little girl! Come on over if you like, she is amazing!