Eating Out with an Infant

Hj alluded to it in his last post and I am here to explore the subject further.  How does the American casual dining experience change with the addition of an infant?  IMG_0973
Whether you choose the traditional baby-in-carseat or the more relaxed baby-in-arms look on arrival, you will certainly be greeted with a host of genuine, tender smiles from both patrons and staff.  If you are new to dining out with an infant, you will need a gentle reminder (preferably from a trusted source) that all those doe eyes are not even seeing you.  Rather, they are fixed in wonder at the tiny bald head that is probably at this moment bobbing wildly in the pre-wail state.  Babies, as a general rule, hate dining out.  They will lie quietly in ambush, listening from the rear-facing car seat as the unsuspecting new parents carefully lay out the restaurant plan, taking into account baby’s last feeding, baby’s general mood, baby’s last poop, and of course baby-friendly atmospheres.  Baby will be deceptively silent as the question of where to eat gets thoroughly discussed in the front seats.  Baby may even let out a happy gasping chuckle as tiny one-way streets and sudden u-turns lend themselves to jars and bounces, which babies love.
IMG_0968As you enter the establishment of choice, baby will need about 10 seconds to stare at the garish walls and the fawning masses, as well as have a short listen to the Latin tango music coming from Above before giving the cue to all within earshot: “Babies hate dining out!!!”  Ironically this is precisely the amount of time it takes for all eyes to be on that sweet precious baby face.
This is the part of the show where the nervous glances begin, mainly from the new father to the new mother, and vice versa.  As the waitress kindly leads them to a corner table, there will be the typical jostling and bouncing which normally delights and calms.  But to baby there is nothing normal about this experience and nothing fun, either.  In fact, baby may even indicate that he or she hates dining out.IMG_0972
Baby will experience all manner of holds, positions, and patting during the meal.  There may be a rotating series of short periods in the car seat, with papa, with mama, on a blanket, on the breast and then start over again as baby’s tiny precious face wrinkles in anticipation of another angry howl.  In the end you will find yourself in the ladies’ room juggling a flailing newborn and a stinky diaper, or perhaps you will be the one in the car jostling the sniffling little one.  Either way, you will be wondering what your entree tastes like.  And you will probably find out on the way home, with a styrofoam box on your lap.

IMG_0970Thankfully our baby is above average, and she loves eating out!  In fact, she gave Chorizo’s her highest rating yet: she slept through the whole meal which is a tiny baby version of a big compliment.  Then she cried when we left.






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Birds and Chipmunks

Of course a lot happened since the birth of our daughter. We started off with our brand new family and we’re loving it.
Ellie is very sweet and calm. She loves pooping, eating and sleeping. Her favorite activity is to keep her parents busy changing diaper after diaper.
We throw tons of homemade remedies onto our precious little infant to fight infection after infection. It is true what they say, babies are cute.
We forgot about our monthly anniversary celebration and when we were at Olive Garden eating some American Italian, I ended up alone at the table cause Ellie was determined to skip her nap and let people know she does not like fake Italian food. The things we planned after our dinner soon evaporated into nothing and home we went. Sure this sounds all very hectic and mostly this is because I want to write something and actually I don’t have time to write something, but it isn’t bad at all! The unending love that fills our heart whenever we look into her eyes or when she smiles it makes the world stop and you forget about your lack of sleep. You might not believe this, but after Ellie wakes up she often squeals a little bit while she stretches out and tries to open her eyes. While she was doing this she said her first word! And the word was: Hi! Amazing smart infant we have and so polite greeting her parents in the early morning. Last week Ellie’s passport came in the mail! That is good news because now Ellie is totally ready to join us for a visit in The Netherlands! (We will leave August 23)
Now the reason why I named this blog birds and chipmunks is because I walked into somebody’s yard the other day and birds were flying everywhere and I saw chipmunks running around!
IMG_0884 IMG_0862 IMG_0843 IMG_0841 IMG_0840 IMG_0839 IMG_0838 IMG_0830