No farm fresh eggs for sale (yet)

IMG_1525In the midst of adjusting life to a growing baby, we moved from our apartment to a house. We moved right before we left to visit Holland and we have been moving ever since.

Our house is quite small.  It has one bathroom, a kitchen, one and a half bedroom, a living room and we have an acre of land. We sleep in the bigger bedroom and then Ellie will have the smaller bedroom which is basically a big closet. After we came back from our trip to Holland we had put all our boxes and suitcases in Ellie’s room so we had some space to sleep. Now we have a big list of “projects” we are going to do in and around the house.


One of the projects was moving the dog pen and putting chickens in it. I had to dig out the dog pen posts, chop a bunch of tall weeds with the machete and dig holes for the posts. After a couple of nights and half a Saturday here and there I finally got it done and my chickens arrived. I was exciting because this is all I ever dreamed of. I welcomed Whacky, Spacky and Blacky in their new coop and pen and they seemed not too sure about it. In the beginning it went all very well and the chicks would roam outside during the day and sleep in the coop overnight.

Then when we came back from an evening out and I had forgotten to close the coop, Spacky was gone! I looked and looked but she was nowhere to be found. The next day when Joy was looking for her, she found Spacky in a cardboard box in which they came. It seems when Spacky was looking for a place to roost she thought the box was a good place and she jumped on it, only to figure out that the box wasnt sturdy at all. She fell right in it while the top flaps closed again and she was stuck over night. I said to myself, well… I won’t be expecting eggs from her yet.

IMG_0437Then all of the sudden, the next day out of nothing, Whacky (a.k.a the white one) roosted on top of the fence. I friendly suggested that she should get off but she wouldn’t listen. So I pushed her off, and while she was falling, her neck got stuck and she started flapping like she had no head!  She landed in the grass and just sat there. I left her there and the next morning she hadn’t moved a feather. I thought to myself, oh well… then the white one will not start laying eggs for a while thats ok, I still have the black one, she is the youngest anyways.

Then the outside fence became rather popular to roost on and just soon all three hens were on the fence for the night. Spacky was the last one to join and she was roosting next to Wacky and as mean as she is, she started to peck Whacky. When I saw this I ran up to the Spacky and pushed her off the fence, but she jumped up, flew over Whacky and landed right on top of Blacky. They both fell off the fence–Blacky outside the fence and Spacky inside. So I chased Blacky inside and they spent the night in the coop. There you have it, all three of the chicks now have stress, it’s almost freezing, the days are getting shorter and they are in a new place. I should have listened and waited for spring.

Dear Ellie {at 2am}

IMG_1458It’s 2am again, and here we are snuggled skin to skin.  You have brought plenty of surprises to my life, one of the best being this 2am feeding I had heard so much about.  People on the street warned me about it, authors dissected it, and your dad…. he couldn’t wait to help out with it, haha.  He helps by providing that soothing background snoring, doesn’t he?  🙂

I read about how you might start sleeping through the night soon, and how to get you to skip this mid-night feeding.  But quite frankly, I’m not ready to give it up just yet, if you aren’t.  Imagine what we’d be missing, darling: little tiny grunts and stre-e-e-e-tches that go on and on and on through your long baby body.  Your usual sweetness is so much sweeter with sleepiness mixed in, I think.  I love the way you dip in and out of sleep through the diaper change, the feeding, the smiles and the sweet nothings.  I love your unbiased rapture of your disheveled mom in thick glasses and stinky breath; that is something to hold onto, baby.  Your face looks like a rose in the night light, and I see your perfect ears like leaves and you are growing a lovely stem, little bud.  You make me smile and even laugh at this perfect, silent hour.  Holding your dimpled hand and rubbing your wiggly toes, every night I fall more in love with you, for you are my very own tiny one.

I imagine your future is all wrapped up tight like a ribbon inside of you, slowly unraveling with time.  That’s why I ask you sometimes, ‘do you like green beans in there?’ because I want to know if you will like green beans someday.  Or do you have a temper in there?  Will we always be friends?  Do you want to read or do you just want to roam the earth with a knapsack?  What if your ribbon isn’t very long?  Then what?

Oh, but you are here with me right now, I am breathing you in, and this is my favorite moment of our day, because it’s just you and me and the quiet we both cherish.  Even though I always picture the night lights snapping on all across American nurseries at this hour, I know the truth is that we are all alone in the world right now and nothing else matters except that we are together, three in a bed.  A soul-ful of love for you, my precious.  Sweet dreams.

Disclaimer: I am not quite so cheerful about every aspect of our new life as parents.