Our little life

photo 3Yes, still alive we are. Our blog on the other hand is pretty much on its way to the cemetery. I am not gonna write a bunch of excuses because there are too many.

photo 2

But here we are again maybe we’ll write some more, maybe not. I am sorry I didn’t up to date you about my chickens. (they died) ¬†After our trip to Honduras I found Specky half-eaten in the pen and the others were nowhere to be found. So we shephoto 1d a bitter tear and went on living.

Now I have rabbits! Six bucks, one doe and eight babies. So if you want a bunny rabbit let me know because they eat like teenage boys and lay no eggs. Today I also got one chicken again and another one is on its way. We might even do some chicks this year, not sure yet. The tulips we planted before the winter all came up and we are waiting to see their beautiful flowers!

photo 1Enough about garden stuff– let’s talk about people! Ellie is doing quite well, she is recovering from her first flu and she thought it was no fun. Her tricks are still limited but she does do an awful lot of patty cakes. We thought she said agua (water) the other day, but it might as well could have been hotdog or watermelon. Joy is sitting a friend’s baby 3 days a week and of course is busy keeping up the house and such.

photo 4I just switched jobs and now work in a restaurant again. It’s fun to cook again and American cooks are round and funny.

I thinks that’s all for now, folks.