Hours of pure fun

Believe it or not but we, as a family are in the air.IMG_9896
Ellie is ripping some pages out of the airline magazine and I thought I would do something productive instead of knocking my head back and forth trying to sleep. We are flying home from Holland where we visited with family and attended my sister’s wedding.
Let me try to describe a Dutch wedding for you. We woke up at 6:30 AM at the day of the wedding because the hairdresser came to do my sister’s hair. I was quite shocked to see the living room filled with people, realizing that my morning look isn’t all too friendly.
The custom here is that the bride sleeps at her parent’s house the night before the wedding. Then in the morning the groom comes to the house and picks the bride up in the special car they rented for the day. (They both are dressed and ready to go) In my sister’s case they met the photographer and went to the beach and woods to take some good photos together. Then the immediate family went on to the grooms parents house to eat some lunch together with the couple.


From there we met all the “day guests” at the church. The day guests are the people closest to the couple, family, grandparents and close friends and you might guessed it, they are there for the whole day! After the couple was received by all the day guest people cheering them on, we went to the city hall where the couple got married for the law. They signed the marriage certificate and said I do. For Christian people the civil ceremony is not as important as the church ceremony. After this we went in the church and the couple cut the cake and we raised our glasses and said “Proost”!IMG_0055

As we ate the cake, the day guests congratulated the couple and spent some time with them.

















Then there was another photo moment with the families. IMG_0127

Then it was time for supper. Just so you know it is 5 PM now and the meal was catered by a company. It was fish, chicken sate, lots of salads and so on. There was no dessert except for some leftover cake.IMG_0165



the church where they got married

Church started at 6:45 and people who are invited for the service started to come around 6:30. The service starts: the groom walks in followed by the flower girls. The dad gives the bride away and the pastor tells the couple to turn around and look who all came for their wedding.IMG_0195

Everybody sits and we sing worship songs together which the couple picked out. The pastor preached a short message and then performed the ceremony. My sister and her husband said their vows and got married. The musicians sang a last song and everybody walked out of the church into the room where the reception was (this is right next to the church and this is also the same place we ate supper and cake). IMG_0039

The people who just got invited for the reception and church service got a chance to congratulate the newly weds and after they had their cupcake and coffee, they know they need to leave again. Unless you are also invited for the party! It is 9 PM and the party is getting started, it’s in the same room but now with the tables on the side and standing tables in the middle. There might be a number of 45 people in the room. The couple opens the party with a dance and then people join. Normally friends and family will do silly skits, but on my sisters wedding my mom and dad were the only one who sang them a song with a fake mustache and a wig on. The evening ends nearing 12 and we cheer the couple on when they slip out during the last dance. Most people clean up and that’s it! Lots of fun!