Photo update by Ellie

So, I met a cute guy from California!  He was seriously into me.



This is my BFF, Ariana. Even though she’s bigger than I am, she doesn’t run over me…. and that is what I call a true friend.


My Papa Bear got to be in the wedding of his friend Lehman. It was fun meeting so many crazy people in Georgia but the wedding itself….. not so much. It was way too hot! Papa thought so too.


There was some pretty cool dancing at Lehman and Lorie’s wedding, and I was mesmerized. Definitely something to look into once I get on my feet.


The best things that ever came to our farm: My friend Anika and baby bunnies! Happiness out of control! I squeal and dance and giggle when she lets me hold a baby bunny.  I know it looks silly, but I’m just so excited!!!


So…. my mom and dad thought it would be cool to take me swimming. I thought it would be cool to climb them til they got the hint and took me out of that terrifying water! By the end it was actually pretty fun.


We had some very special visitors at our house: my Opa and Oma from Holland! I still remember the song that Oma taught me, the one with all the motions. It makes me laugh, just remembering it.


We flew in an airplane for a really, really long time and then I got to see my cousins again!


Feline had her first birthday while we were there!  She is such a sweet cousin.


My Tante Sietske got married to Eric, and here I am giving him my signature quizzical look.


I went bowling with some great friends in Holland. (Bowling is for the birds, but these guys certainly aren’t.)


Biking with Papa made me so happy! I loved Holland.


Did you hear the one about the guy that walked into a bar? Hahaha.