Looking for: 100 pregnant women

I have a passion for intercession because I have tasted the powerful, beautiful weapon that it is. I believe every Christian has a unique weapon suited for their hands, their gifts and their calling. This is a very precious gift, handcrafted by a loving Father to strike down spiritual enemies and bring eternal life. For several years I didn’t accept the unique weapon that I inherited by Jesus’ death. Some of the time, I didn’t even know that it was lying in my treasure chest and in the meantime, I used my own bare, human hands to try to wrangle the enemy and bring healing. It’s exhausting. When I stopped trying and believed that Jesus had empowered me through His resurrection to pick up my weapon, I saw God’s power take over situations and people far beyond what I could do in my best efforts. This is why I am passionate about intercession, because I see it is part of a perfect plan of God to bring His kingdom light into spiritual darkness.

Several years ago, God showed me a vision, out of the blue. I saw the steps of the Supreme Court, and on the steps were lots of women and on the women were lots of big, pregnant bellies. In fact, every woman was pregnant and they were all crying out to God about the horrible curse of abortion in our country. More recently, I saw the same vision and I heard that still, small voice say: Ask Me for 100 pregnant women to go with you. So I did. I asked God for 100 pregnant women to go with me to Washington, DC to stand on the steps of the Supreme Court and intercede on behalf of the unborn babies, the mothers and fathers of these babies, the doctors, staff and legislators, all blind.

The first thing that happened was that pretty much all the ladies in my church got pregnant. Then I got pregnant! Then all my friends in our town got pregnant! Then, of all things, my sister got pregnant! And by sister, I mean the one with the wrinkly knuckles wrapped around a cup of warm prune juice, the one who is just blasting all our theories about midlife right out of the water. (If you’re reading this, your chances of getting pregnant just increased by 50%) Actually, Hj and I are in awe. God is poised, we believe. And not the poise of grace and elegance, but the poised that means “on the verge of doing something.” We are in awe that God is so good, that He values LIFE so much, and even that he sends weary, faltering humans to save the lives of others.

If you are blessed to be carrying His life inside of you right now, and doubly blessed to be carrying a new little life too, you are the perfect candidate to move heaven and shake earth, right now! Having just passed through the dark days of persistent morning sickness myself, I can assure you that whatever you have suffered to bring forth new life, is an honor. Your suffering is making you perfect. And that little tiny baby inside of you is a testimony to the world that you are willing to suffer to bring forth new life. You are willing to lay down your life to give it for another. You have a sacred authority to speak life, because you have it right there in your womb: you’ve counted the cost and paid the price. You are carrying an extra spirit, an extra soul and an extra body inside of you, and Lord knows how many different emotions that equals, and how they can conflict! But you chose life anyway, despite the inconveniences. Do you have any idea how much authority you’re carrying, to pray against death right now?

The power of an army of laid-down lovers of Jesus is out of this world. I want to fight in an army like that for the honor of our King— don’t you?


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Friending spree

My wife traded her smart phone in for a dumb phone. The phone wakes us up in the night because it is yelling that it needs a battery change or it randomly starts over again welcoming itself with a happy tune. Often it will restart right after you feel accomplished because you just completed a long text using a tiny keypad and before you push send.
The reason why she changed her elegant iPhone (who could answer the most difficult questions about life) is G-O-D. You know how our society is changing? From the land of the brave to the land of the let’s-see-if-I-have-an-email-since-it-has-been-at-least-3-minutes-since-I-last-checked land. My wife? Like a salmon upstream goes right against it.
The other month or so she showed me a thing she read on a blog. This family went on a spending freeze. They did a big shopping in the beginning of the month and they had a budget for fresh food and gas and that was it– for the rest they were not wasting a penny. I told her there was no way, so we didn’t do it.
Then a situation came up where I wanted to save money for a certain goal and thought of ways to do that. I tried to get some extra money in with selling all my rabbits and whatever I thought people would buy and we could do without. That of course didn’t go as well as I would have hoped (anyone wants to buy a rug?) and I decided we should make a cut in our budget. And then I had my lightbulb moment! Spending Freeze. We are going to spend no money for a month and come out of that month with stacks of cash.
Full of optimism we headed towards Asheville to go and do a shopping at Aldi’s. We were gonna buy some cheep tacos on the way  for supper and then go do our shopping (Our freeze would start after our shopping). The taco truck providing our tacos was gone and so we were left with growling stomachs heading towards Asheville! We ended in the first restaurant we saw, eating some kind of fancy food paying an arm and a leg. Then I wanted to show my wife this quant little coffee shop and since it was Friday night we wanted to go to the drum circle and show Ellie all those people drumming on their drums (Dum ditty dum ditty dum dum).
All of the sudden I realized that Aldi is a one of kind supermarket and probably closed at 6 on normal days and on Fridays maybe 8. So after googling the hours sure enough they close at 8 and by that time it was 7:25. We hurried to our car and arrived at the store at 7:45. We had 15 minutes to go shopping for a month! After a couple of minutes Joy tells me that they don’t accept credit cards at Aldi’s. I was shocked since that was the whole plan– to use the credit card. I dig in the car and find 100$ (which I was gonna put in our piggy bank) in cash and we get through about half of our list. Needless to say we were off to a great start.
Now, our spending freeze is over. Looking back it was one big old pain. We ended up spending more money then we normally would; the only difference was that we spent it in one week instead of spread over the month. We didn’t buy stuff we needed like toilet paper and had to use leaves and newspaper. Just kidding. It ended up being quite tough with no benefits. Now I hope you noticed that this freeze was only because of money; not because of God. Lesson learned: money is root of all evil and should never stand between you and God.