Testimony time

IMG_2916A long time ago, I did a questionnaire to find out my intelligence (there are seven, according to the guy who wrote the book).  I was so disappointed to come out with a high intrapersonal intelligence.  Not to be confused with interpersonal intelligence, which has to do with being kind to humans, intrapersonal is when you know yourself real good.  Wikipedia says it better:

This area has to do with introspective and self-reflective capacities. This refers to having a deep understanding of the self; what one’s strengths/ weaknesses are, what makes one unique, being able to predict one’s own reactions/emotions.

I remember sitting in my TESOL class, so embarrassed by this silly intelligence test.  Some people are good at math, some people are good at sports, and some of us are good at ourselves!?  It’s not such a bad thing to know yourself, but look at all those other intelligences I missed out on!  It was a little awkward; nobody knew how to respond to my results, which is why I remember this test so well.  I’m still waiting for the courage to retake the test but…. I know myself too well.

Then I read a quote on Dorcas’ blog— a quote that cut me to the quick.

To air one’s opinions freely is to imply that the demand for them is brisk.  -E.B.White

When you have that intrapersonal intelligence I was talking about, you get a generous heaping of opinions right along with it.  Unfortunately for us, they are nothing but fun to sort through and air freely.  I am always amazed how many of them I collect, like little burrs in the meadow, whether I want them or not.  So many opinions, so much (intelligent!) introspection, so much wisdom to be shared.  Ask my husband.

What I’m saying is, I could write about myself for days.  Hopefully that is not a sin; the Apostle Paul did a bit of it in the good old Epistles, in my humble… opinion.  So from him I take my cue, and I will write a series of stories of myself, but I will label them “testimonies” because that’s the truth; I was just a witness.

I was inspired by a book I’m reading called A Life of Miracles: What One Ordinary Family Gained When They Gave Up Everything to Follow God.  And I was also inspired awhile back by Mrs. Smucker, who writes books too, but with funnier titles.  What I gather is that it is very valuable to write down your family’s stories, especially if you are interested in sowing seeds into the next generations.

I want to record the goodness of the Lord in our lives, stories and lessons we have grown from.  I will do my best to not let this be a license to air my opinions freely, but to honor a very real God, who has always gone above and beyond in our lives.  We don’t want to forget!

Oh, and I was also very inspired by this maskil (teaching song) of Asaph.  Why don’t you write down your family stories, weave a little teaching in, and have your musical husband write the tune?  Don’t forget the motions, for the kids.

1 My people, listen to my teaching;
    listen to what I say.
I will speak using stories;
    I will tell secret things from long ago.
We have heard them and known them
    by what our ancestors have told us.
We will not keep them from our children;
    we will tell those who come later
    about the praises of the Lord.
We will tell about his power
    and the miracles he has done.

Psalm 78:1-4, NCV