First of all, we want to say thank you so much to the anonymous kind folks who recently blessed us with gifts.  We are honored by your generosity!  God is taking good care of us, and we are experiencing every day miracles of His provision and grace… many times through you who believe in us enough to share your hard-earned money.  That really blows us away and we thank you from the depths of our hearts.

Thanks also to the folks who blessed us immensely without anonymity.  For example: coming for a surprise visit, or sending a box of treats in the mail.  We even got some handwritten letters, and let’s not forget my mom being a giant blessing in every way!  We feel so rich in friends.

We recently added the ‘subscribe’ button to our blog.  Please don’t feel obligated to subscribe (unless you’re my oldest sister) but we just wanted to let you know it’s there for your convenience.

Now for your inconvenience, I (Joy) got rid of my phone, so I can no longer be reached at the number ending in 4608.  Sorry about that. Hj and I will be sharing a phone, the number ending in 8277.

I had plans to do an experiment I called “social media binge” when we came to Colorado.  That didn’t really work out.  (I’m sure you’re dying to know why.)  However, you can find us on Instagram.

Speaking of my elderly sister, check out the website that her teenagers made for her!  Click here to be impressed.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and even vying for Hj’s birthday gift.  Is there any other announcements?

Post 100!

We did it!
I am so proud of us that we are still writing and enjoying it too!
We posted 100 times in 4 years, thats about every other week.
Now, one of our family values is that when it’s your birthday you don’t only receive, but you also give. Since I had my birthday not too long ago and to celebrate post 100, we are going to do a giveaway!
If you give something away for your birthday it needs to be something that you would enjoy. So we’re giving away two gift cards: one for Coldstone Creamery and one to see a movie. It’s a date night!
The only thing you have to do is guess what is on the picture below, comment the answer, and we will randomly draw a winner! The contest ends next week on Monday the 4th of May.
(Everyone can win, but the gift cards are American.)

Thanks for reading!

Hj and Joy

Version 2

How Ellie is coping


Now Adam is around, Ellie looks like a giant, literally. Her diapers look like grandma panties in comparison with Adam’s tiny slips. Ellie tried to put on Adam’s shirt the other day and she got stuck putting her hand in the sleeve.
She is taking this “new baby” situation pretty well. She loves holding her baby ADA!
When Ellie and I left the store the other day, she spotted a puppy. This is what she said: Hi Puppy, PUPPY, PUPPY! HI PUPPY!!! PUPPY!!! We drove past the puppy: BYE! BYE! BYE PUPPY! PUPPY! BYE PUPPY! The puppy was now out of sight: Meer? (more) MEER? MEER PUPPY? PUPPY? MEER PUPPY!?!?

I’m pretty sure that Ellie is the sweetest little girl walking around on planet earth. Whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night and she cries, I go lay next to her.  As soon as I grab her hand and put it in my hair, she calms down and starts sucking her fingers. Whenever Adam is crying she makes sure to hit him in the head a couple of times, making sure he is ok.
She connects really well with some of my classmates here on the base. She developed a greeting with one of them. She starts with her finger in the air then touches her nose and then her hair and that’s how they wave at each other.
Ellie has been sleeping for almost 3 hours now, so I better go wake her up. Bye!


IMG_4037 IMG_4038




He knows my name

We think one of the scariest things about having a baby is the naming part.  We’d like to think we have it harder than some, because of our cross-cultural, bilingual home.  We’ve gingerly collected our babies’ names over the years, but now we are plumb out.  We spent the last three on our new son.

Adam: son of the red earth, man
Fernando: brave traveler, adventurer
Courage: (figure it out)

The responses are always fun.

“Are you serious?” -Kenny
“Congrats. Take Courage, my friend.” -PD
“Congratulations. We were discussing his name over breakfast, and could imagine when a bully is picking on him.  He’ll just stare at the bully and say quietly, “You don’t want to mess with me. My middle name is Courage!” and the bully just slinks away with his tail between his legs…” -Andrew
“He has a lot of names!” -Cookie Joy
“You should hear the convo around here about all his names. 🙂 We like them!” -Naomi

Indeed.  We would love to hear that completely candid convo at your house.  At all your houses, in fact.  In the meantime, we thought we’d shed a little light on how we named our kids.  Without meaning to, Hj kind of named Ellie and Joy sort of named Adam.

I (Hj) got a dream, some years ago. In the dream God told me to name our baby Harper. Since we were pregnant at the time, this seemed something to take serious. Harper, though, wasn’t a name we both liked so we decided that it was just a dream and nothing else. We did not have a girl’s name yet but Ellie was one name we agreed on as being okay.  We did try them out together that morning: Ellie Harper?  Hmm… Maybe.

Later that day we did what every American does after church and went out for some Mexican food. While we were waiting to be seated, there was a little girl waiting with us and Joy asked her name. Ellie, the girl said. Now, normally you don’t ask people their middle name, but Joy did and it was Harper. Ellie Harper. We looked at each other and said: okay.

Then when our baby came out, we were flabbergasted that it was a girl. The boy’s name we were sure about, but the girl’s name… Are we really gonna name her Ellie Harper? We decided to sleep over it and maybe God, in His goodness, would write our baby name on the wall. When I woke up Joy told me I had talked in my sleep. My words? Ellie, Ellie, Ellie and Ellie. So it was: Ellie Harper Fousert.

I (Joy) also got a dream, some years ago.  His name is Hj and he is a whole lot of good things, including a man of his word.  Back in the day when we were dating, spending some time in Honduras, we went to visit a good friend who has a son named Fernando.  When we were saying goodbye, Fernando wished us well on our upcoming wedding and said something you don’t hear everyday: “If you ever have a baby boy, name him after me!”  I heard my Dutch fiancé call out, “Ok, we will!” as we took off in a cloud of dust.  Here we are, 4 years later and we kept our promise, Fernando.  We named our baby boy after you.  Our brave adventurer!

From the very first day of morning sickness, this has been a challenging pregnancy.  During the long, dark tunnel of lying on the couch, God whispered the word “courage” to me many times.  That was before Prayer on the Steps, the Sad Goodbyes, and the Move to Colorado.  Only God could have known how much courage I would need for some of those things, and He prepared and strengthened my heart.  It became such a precious word to us that we put it on the birth certificate.

Adam was easy.  We just opened the Bible!