A good morning

Disclaimer: We weren’t actually in Asheville yesterday– I wrote this a few weeks ago.

Yesterday we were in Asheville all day and Ellie had a donut instead of a nap. She was sound asleep when Hj carried her in from the car last night, and he commented on how exhausted she was. “At least she won’t wake up at six tomorrow morning.”
He was right. At five this morning she was padding around our room whispering that she needed help to go potty. I rolled over and went back to sleep because Ellie’s papa takes care of her at night. All kinds of kudos to world’s best dad.
An hour later I heard Hj quietly tiptoeing into the room carrying a sleeping Ellie, round 2. He was just opening the closet door where she sleeps when I heard her sweet little voice demanding, “Stop, Papa.”
I’m pretty sure I heard Hj’s heart drop in the moment of silence that followed. Before she could start howling her protest, he lovingly tossed her into our bed.
I was instantly kicked in the face. And then, the little foot started exploring just how strange and wonderful mom’s face felt to the touch- the sole touch. I had toes in my mouth and up my nose and a little heel kept stroking my cheek. I would gladly have placed those little toes on the bearded parent’s face for some hairy exploration, but my hands were busy trying to protect the baby boy, who was also in our bed.
Maybe this isn’t where you were going with this, but let me tell you: if you’re in the market for a life partner (spouse), consider the one you can laugh with when the kids wake you at 5am.

Speaking of kids:

photo 1 (2)

Here we are at Hilda’s house, catching up with our homies, you could say.

photo 4

Adam and Kelli were sort of like womb-mates and now they are friends.

photo 1

Ellie Harper and Adam Fernando Courage, just chilling.

photo 3

Best buds: Bubbers and Ellie. They have so much fun together!

photo 5 (1)

Poor baby is sick, but still so sweet and happy.

photo 5

Adam loves his baby cousin Abigail. We get their names mixed up, like “Adagail and Addy.”

photo 4 (1)

Ellie is living the dream! Here Mandie is giving her an Amish buggy ride in the rain.

photo 3 (2)

Adam is very fond of Derek.  We all are, actually.

photo (10)

“If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.”

photo 3 (1)

Also: behind the scenes.  You can imagine the racket that eventually produced those cute baby smiles.

photo 2 (1)

We close with an image of Ellie playing with a mouse. Tootles.

In process

Have you ever laid down everything you stand for?
Have you ever gave a way something that was to valuable for you to give away?
Have you ever sold everything to follow Jesus? Have you considered it?
Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?
Do you have a longterm vision? Do you have short term steps to fulfill that vision?
Do you talk to God, or do you have a list?
Do you give until their’s nothing left?
Is that really you God?
Have you ever tested how radical you are?
When was the last time you gave more then you had?
Do you act on what you hear?
What is your passion?
Are you spending enough time with your loved ones?
Do you know your neighbors middle name?
Did you ever want a puppy?
When is enough gonna be enough?
If my passion is what I spend the most time on I’m I passionate about my phone?
Where would I be in 5 years?
What does it mean to be a missionary?
Am I suppose to be sitting on the grass?
Do you give when I ask?
Do you have some answers for me?
Shall I end this blog with a question?
What do you want?
What is most valuable?
What are you doing to improve your life?
What are you lacking on a daily basis?
What does it take to make a home?

Thats just some of the questions on my mind.
IMG_2122 (1)