Nowhere to lay our heads

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Since we came back from Indonesia we haven’t been in one place for more than 3 weeks.
After we felt God lead us back to Colorado Springs we filled in our application and waited for an answer back. In the meantime we lived in the sowing room at the Weaver residence. It seems like God likes to put us in small rooms. That’s one of the reasons we like the cabin in Bakersville so much– there is just so much space in that king bed!
We dropped my sister and her family off at the airport this morning. They were here for a two week visit and we had a good time. It makes me miss “home” and my family. Holland is so far away that when I am not confronted with it, I am fine. But when I miss my best friend’s wedding or I say goodbye to my sister, knowing that I won’t see her for a long time and I won’t be there when her little girl starts walking and talking, it hurts. It hurts a lot.  Home has been a lot of places lately and we are longing more and more for a place to call home and stay there for longer than three weeks. Three years preferably; 33 years, maybe.

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We were at the cabin with my sister when we heard back from Colorado Springs: we can’t come back till January. We knew that it was possible they were gonna say that, but when it was said it arrived with a punch. We sighed deeply and moved back into the sowing room.

Update by Ellie + photos

Right now we are staying at Doddy and Mimi’s house and I play with my cousins every day.  It is quite fun and I really like it here, but the other day I asked my mom where my home is, because I forgot.  Mommy said we will soon go back to Colorado Springs where Emett lives.  Yay!  I love Emett.  He has a puppy swimming pool.

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I also love my baby brother.  I call him “Buster Boy.”  He is the sweetest baby I ever saw.  Even when he pulls my hair, I don’t mind at all because I know he is just excited about being a baby.  I taught him how to clap his hands and now I am teaching him to wave “bye-bye.”  He needs help with so many things so I am glad he has me to show him how.  I like to give him a bath and it is so fun to push him in the stroller.


Today I made little cupcakes, tiny ones.  I got to do it all by myself and that is what I love best.  Some people think I still need help with stuff like getting dressed or getting a drink of water.  No way!  I just tell them, “Ellie do! Ellie do!  EL. LEE. DO!” until they understand that I can do stuff by myself.  Sometimes when people frustrate me I just have to get down on the floor and pray to Jesus for help.  Papa and Mommy taught me to take deep breaths and I do that a lot too when I get mad.

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The other evening Papa took me on a date.  I love dates with Papa because I usually get whatever I ask for, and I usually want ice cream and chocolate.  He took me to Dairy Queen and got me a huge ice cream with chocolate brownies in it and all sorts of other yummy stuff.  Sometimes we just go somewhere and eat candy for awhile.  My Papa is awesome!

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Right now, every day is my birthday and every day I turn “3 and 5.”  I love candles and presents and cake and I love the happy birthday song.  I sing that one all the time.  I love dressing up and pretending stuff.  I love singing with Mommy and reading books.  Oh, and I love sign language!  (So awesome.)  I love slides at the playground.  My favorite game is hide and seek, which is kind of like peek-a-boo, but cooler, cause it has counting in it.

Papa says I have to go to bed now.  Slaap lekker!