And then it all came together

I am never that fond of us being in a situation where we don’t know what is going to happen with our lives. Nevertheless, I love being in a situation where after not knowing, everything falls into place and there is rest. The art is to have rest before you know.

Yesterday morning we finally got our “go ahead” on going to Colorado Springs. We bought our $59 one way tickets for my wife and kids. I will take the van and drive together with a very generous cousin to haul all our stuff. We were surprised with all the comments and responses we got on my last blog post and are very grateful for all your support. We have the minimum monthly support that we needed and people even offered that we can live in their house and pay for our groceries. Generosity like that is overwhelming and we thank the good Lord for all of you. That the minimum is reached doesn’t mean that we are done fund raising, but we are trusting in God for every little thing. Joy will fly out on the 7th of December, so come to Woodleaf and see us before we go!

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Just to warn you though, we will still write our non-mission non-sense as well.
Thanks, The Fouserts

Hipsters and Rednecks (with pictures!)

There’s this new coffee shop in town that my sister said to try out, but she warned us (or assured us, I’m not sure which): it’s kind of hipster.  So when the rain poured too hard to dig holes, Hj and I took Settlers of Catan and the baby and went on a date.  About halfway through the second round of the game, Hj crooned (or muttered, I’m not sure which): this place is so redneck.

I thought, now isn’t that interesting?  The same coffee shop has been described to me as both hipster and redneck.  And I mused….. Is that even possible?

So I did what anyone would do, I read the wikihow articles.  “How to be a hipster (with pictures)” and “How to be a redneck (with pictures).”  I soon forgot about the coffee shop.  You know what?  I bet I have traveled farther and stayed awake more than a lot of my fellow millennials, but I am really behind on some things.  There are lengthy guidebooks on the world wide web about how to be a hipster and how to be a redneck (with pictures) and I have just been over here in the dark, without pictures.


Imagine my surprise to discover I grew up hipster.  I’m familiar with swimming against the mainstream, sewing my own clothes, wearing big glasses, raising my own food, and being witty, at times.

Do you know what else I figured out?  I was also raised redneck.  I was taught to work hard, shoot a gun, believe in something and I listened to country music (on the sly).  Also, I bought my underwear from the discount rack at K-Mart more than once.



I guess that coffee shop was just the place for me.

My theory is that pop culture stems from a few real people, being themselves.  The rest of us get so attracted to their authenticity that we try to copy them and copy them until all our copying turns into a trend.  About the time the trend really catches, we also catch on to the fact that we’re all just copying somebody and then we fade into the next trendsetters, the people who are bucking the current trend and just being themselves.  

I know, it’s so full of irony (and confusing).  Thankfully it’s just my theory and nothing to take too seriously.  But Mark Greif, bless his heart, stated something in a New York Times editorial about the term “hipster” which makes me wonder whether we are two hearts that beat as one.

In a New York Times editorial, Mark Greif states that the much-cited difficulty in analyzing the term stems from the fact that any attempt to do so provokes universal anxiety, since it “calls everyone’s bluff“.[14]




I guess what I’m trying to say is, just be yourself.  (My family definitely got that memo.)

Early bird gets the worm

Hello to all my family, friends and fans: (from Ellie)

I am an early bird, and I always have been.  If you want to catch me at my very best, drop by at 6am for a (tiny) spot of tea, and I will chatter your ears off!  We can talk about my birthday, or I could sing and dance for you, if you want.
The other day I got up so early, it was still dark.  That’s my favorite!  My Mimi and Doddy were getting all dressed up to go butcher some chickens.  Mimi said she wanted to have a nice gift for Uncle Andrew and she thought he would like a fat, dead chicken.  My mommy said it was time I learned where fried chicken comes from, and she sent me outside to watch.

photo 1

Mimi is holding me so I can watch Doddy “hit the chickies with a hammer.”

photo 3

Mimi cut off the feet so she could make “sopa de patas de pollo.” Just kidding.

photo 5

She showed me how soft and fat the chicken feels.


I even got to pluck some little feathers.

Here I am eating ravioli, not chicken. I was so proud because I put all my ravioli into my tea, all by myself!

Here I am eating ravioli, not chicken. I was so proud because I put my ravioli into my tea, all by myself!

I am still not quite sure where fried chicken comes from, Mom.  But I learned something else that will make you happy:  You just never know how exciting the crack of dawn can be, until you try it!

Thanks for praying

Last post I wrote about how we have to wait until January to go to Colorado Springs.
However, it seems that we might get to go in November after all. My ministry leader is on the ball to make it happen for us to come earlier. Which is a blessing!

When we go back to the Springs, we will re-join the YWAM base where I did the counseling school. This time we will become staff members and I will become the assistant manager of Kairos, the coffee shop on base.  It’s open to the public, so stop by if you’re in town and I’ll treat you to the ‘Holy Ghost cappuccino’.  This coffee shop is managed by the Business As Mission (BAM) team and is a business model for people who are interested in opening a business in the 10-40 window to reach people with the gospel, where “real” missionaries are not welcome. I will be trained in business management so one day I could open my own coffee shop/cafe in a foreign country to reach people for Jesus.

I will also be part of the Business As Mission team. Here is a description on what that is:

Business as Mission (BAM) is a strategy for the specific purpose of the transformation of people and communities: spiritually, economically and socially – for the glory of God through a viable and sustainable business which has Kingdom of God values, purpose, perspective and impact.
BAM is a strategy for ministering to people and communities, the primary aim is direct impact for the Kingdom of God through relationship and service; the business is the ministry.

We are waiting back to hear from the leadership if we are accepted as staff and then the only thing that is holding us back is finances.  The cool thing about YWAM is, you get to pay to work.  *Boom*Boom*Boom*

As YWAM staff, you have to raise your own support. You will ask people and they will agree to donate every month and that is how you get your money to pay for the rent on the base, your food, pension, diapers, donuts and pretty much everything. (Donuts?)

We thought we will just pray and God will provide the money as He has done before.
The base in Colorado Springs, on the other hand, requires for us to have a minimum of $2000.  If we don’t have that, we are not welcome to come, not even in January. At least that is what they made it sound like.

Working in YWAM before I learned that asking for money is not about asking or about money. It is about inviting people to become part of the ministry that God has given us.
You will know deep down if you are suppose to be involved in our ministry.

Asking for support is not for the faint of heart or for people who struggle with fear of man.
Just while writing this, first I decided I won’t post it, then I thought I will post it later and now I feel I should sneak some chocolate cake that my sister-in-law Naomi just made. And that is exactly why I feel I have to write this blog.  Comfort zone, anyone?  God has opened this door for us and He is going to provide!

So here we go.

When you feel in your heart to support us in prayer and financially we would like to ASK you to be part of our ministry and support us on a monthly bases. You can contact us at or any other way you want to.
Thanks for praying!

This is Ellie back in the day picking a bugger at Kairos

This is Ellie back in the day picking a booger at Kairos