DC + B-Day + hugs


This is Ellie chasing bunnies, very early this morning.

After you move, it’s always fun to go away for the first time because when you come back, you realize the new place really feels like home.  We just got back from a weekend in DC and I was so excited to see that Colorado looks familiar, holds precious memories and feels like home.  We were all happy to be home, even though I am more keenly aware of the great distance that lies between me and my family and friends back on the east coast.  I always told myself it’s really not that far, Frontier has cheap, direct flights and I could always just pack up the kids and go for a week.  Well, I don’t feel like that today.  I feel like Frontier couldn’t pay me $69 one way to make that trek anytime soon with my kids.  It was pretty exhausting.  Ask me again once my kids sleep through the night and once they design airplanes with bedrooms and playgrounds in them.  Until then, we would love to see you right here in Colorado on your western trip.
However exhausting, it was a good trip!  It really was worth it, especially seeing some dearly beloved friends and family members.  By God’s grace, we did all that was in our hearts to do.  Last year when we went to pray at the Supreme Court, I think it was about 13 degrees F with a brisk wind.  It was January, after all.  This year we thought April would be lovely with all the cherry blossoms.  It was lovely, if you think a medley of rain, snow and wind is lovely.  We decided laughing is probably the best antidote, even if the devil sent the rain and cold.  You can always confound him with a good attitude, eh?
I didn’t participate much in the events, but the reports I heard were wonderful.  We met very few people who weren’t believers, and many who were in DC specifically to pray for our nation.  That was so encouraging, to see how God is moving and waking up so many of us to pray and rejoice together!  Hj led a two-hour worship set (all by himself!) at David’s Tent, right on the  National Mall.  He really loved that!  That night when we got to our hotel there were groups of people praying all over the lobby and one lady shouted at Hj, “Hey, you’re the worship leader!”  They had been in the tent while he was playing that afternoon.
My highlight was meeting an intercessor right on the steps of the Supreme Court.  While I was waiting for everyone else to get there, I sat in her car to stay warm and dry.  We prayed and laughed and swapped stories and in the end she said, “Just make sure you take good care of your marriage.”  (She was a lot less polite and a lot more direct.)  It would have been exciting on any day to meet a stranger who actually cares about my marriage, but it was especially exciting because God has been laying this on our hearts in many different ways recently.  Marriage is a big deal… a big, beautiful deal.
Last night Hj helped me make a mind map of our trip to DC.  It’s basically just processing and connecting your emotions and thoughts about a situation, but seeing it on paper helps all those “spaghettis” make sense.  It helps me understand the roots of my negative emotions, and clarify the positive ones.  And also, it helps to prepare for next time.

Celebrating the MAN!

Celebrating the MAN!  I love that he is my husband.

We celebrated Hj’s 28th birthday yesterday, praise God!  I think birthdays are always fun, but a 2-year-old really takes things to the next level.  Ellie has been infatuated with birthdays for a year now and I like to think it’s because we celebrate each other, not because of presents or cake.  We are like those hipster millennials who prefer experiences over stuff, so I got Hj tickets to see some of his favorite musicians in concert….. in September.  (It’s what he wanted!)  I made him an iPhone case too, which he graciously appreciated and applauded.  Then we got Vietnamese take-out and half an apple pie, lit all the candles, gathered around our coffee table, and breathed in the first thunderstorm of the season.  It was a good day, just soaking in each other.
I haven’t forgotten about writing on women and spiritual gifts but I’m still doing my research, as it were.  In the meantime I’m taking lessons from my friend here in Colorado who has a pastor’s heart.  She has me in what she calls “hug therapy” because I am not naturally a hugger but she definitely, definitely is.  When I hug her, she actually instructs me on how to do it better.  It’s still pretty awkward for me, but I am making progress.  I initiated a hug the other day with Bob Chin, and he’s no teddy bear.  I got a sticker for that!  Just kidding.  But I really am making progress!  I might even turn into one of those people who touch your arm when they’re talking to you about their great-aunt’s gout.
Here are some iPhone photos from our weekend, if you care to take a look.  Much love to you all…. wish I could practice my hugs on [some of] you!  🙂


The kids had fun watching the traffic out our hotel windows.


Here we are, about to escape underground and take the metro to the Supreme Court.


I had a vision of 100 pregnant ladies here, but my dad in his hunting jacket looks pretty good too.


This was the United Cry event at the Lincoln Memorial, praying for America.


So lovely to see all these familiar faces again, even Mr. Lincoln’s.


Inside David’s Tent, 24/7 praise being lifted to Jesus.  (I’m curious about the bowl of orange ear plugs)

Happy First!


photo 3 (1)

I love how you say “whoo, whoo” when we ask you what a puppy says.

I like it that you giggle right after you did a mad face.

I love your way of waving goodbye– reaching for the sky like you’re plucking an apple.

I like your sense of humor and your friendly goofiness.

Your messes are the best and they come every two seconds.

I love it when you come running to me with your arms open wide.

IMG_3707I love it that you were born and I love your unique personality.
Happy birthday, my son!

Go with the flow


We had lots of snow


part of the art display

Easter Art Gallery
Day by day we are feeling more at home and part of the community here at the YWAM base. Last week on Good Friday we organized an Easter Art Gallery. We first heard about this idea at our church in The Hague. The base here in Colorado normally does a big Easter party but it got canceled this year. We thought it would be a great idea to do an Easter Art Gallery here with all the base staff. We asked people to bring art that reflected who they are and what Jesus did for them. It was great to see so many people submitting art to be displayed and to see how diverse the body of Christ is.

Prayer on the Steps
Next week we will be spending a few days in Washington, DC and we would love to have you join us on Saturday, April 9.
Our mission is three-fold: 1. To pray about abortion at the Supreme Court; anyone is welcome to join us Saturday, (April 9) at noon.
2. The same day, we will also join United Cry DC16 for a day of praying for our nation at the Lincoln Memorial.
3. Last but not least, Saturday night we will be at David’s Tent DC to worship on the streets, taking a turn in leading a 10,000 “love song to Jesus.”
When you think about it, please pray for us as we go.

Saying Goodbye
One part of YWAM that is always bittersweet… saying goodbye.
We have waved goodbye to some of our good friends here and blessed them as they go out into the mission field. Ellie lost her friend down the hallway who is now “far away”.
We are praying for her that she will gain a friend here her age.

Thank you so much for supporting us!
The Fouserts