I hope you are like Ann Voskamp and write down what you’re thankful for every day.  Sadly, I am not like that most days, but today I am.

I’m so thankful that our supermarket started offering a new service which I feel must have been designed especially for me.  I can now order my groceries online from the comfort of my orange couch, adding and subtracting items from my cart while my children are sleeping.  The next day I drive to the supermarket, and I pick up my food for the week without ever unbuckling a carseat, or walking by the candy aisle, or smelling Starbucks or getting sensory overload.  Can you understand how dramatically this has changed my life?  Maybe if you’re a young mom.

Also, I’m thankful that I happened to be the very first (overly eager) customer to use this new service because I ended up with a giant gift basket of goodies and a gift card and even got my photo taken with a gaggle of happy employees.  It was 7am and still dark and I hadn’t faced the mirror yet that day, but I just laughed.  This was supposed to be the blissful grocery run where I didn’t have to see anybody!

I’m thankful for people who talk to my kids.  That always makes me so happy; happier than it would even need to, I think.

I’m thankful for our library.  I’m thankful for all those resources at my fingertips.  When I think about moving to a developing nation, I immediately start missing our library.  I try not to take it for granted.  Our library is participating in an event called “The Human Library” and on impulse, I signed up to be a “book.”  To quote the website, “The Human Library is a place where real people are on loan to readers– a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.”  Talk about your comfort zones!

I’m thankful to live in this beautiful country.  I’m thankful for freedom and courage, and kindness.  I’m thankful there’s so much space for all who need to air their feelings and opinions, and there’s even space for those who don’t have any.  There’s room for those who want to be kind, and room for those who want to be right.  There’s room!  We don’t live in a country where we will be beheaded for insinuating displeasure with our leader.  Thank God for that.

I’m thankful for a little family to gather with and belong to.  I’m thankful for blanket forts and pillow fights and silly jokes and dancing until we collapse.  This week the kids started a “pillow” fight, except it was with diapers.  It looked too fun to miss out on, so these staid old parents joined in– boys against girls, around the bed.  Now every time I go to get a diaper and they’re all mixed up and messy, I thank God that nobody at our house is in a hurry to grow up.

I’m thankful for people who are fine with dark valleys and silence and disappointment.  I’m glad they aren’t about quick fixes and bandages, but take their time and examine the wound without getting squeamish.  I’m grateful for people who smile and hug and linger.

I’m thankful for a God who thought to bring us innocent children, just around the time we were getting cynical.  I’m so grateful for a God who thought to make space on this earth for things like innocence at all.

I’m thankful that Hj caught a crazy surge on Uber the other day, and now we can definitely go to the Bahamas next month.  (Even though my heart does go out to the unlucky fellow who paid $150 for a 10 minute ride; may his reward in heaven be great.)

I’m thankful for visionaries and missionaries and people who risk greatly and boldly.  I’m thankful that the Gospel is spreading all over the world right now because small, humble people are running with torches into black, hopeless places.  I’m also thankful that our world is not going to hell in a hand basket.  If you think it is, you must come to Colorado Springs!

Also, I’m really thankful we get to go to North Carolina for Thanksgiving this year.  And since several of you have asked, here is our itinerary.
Nov 24-30 Weaverville/The Farm
Dec 1-7 Charleston/Bahamas
Dec 8-12 Spruce Pine

Thankful for face to face connections too, aren’t you?  Feel free to have us over if you want.

I almost forgot another thing I am very thankful for.  I’m helping my friend sell a few crafty things on Etsy and we got our first order from a stranger recently!  This is where strangers are really exciting.  When we sell things to our friends, there’s a 95% chance they’re just buying to be nice but when a complete stranger sifts through the whole internet and then decides to buy from us, it feels a little less like charity.  🙂

My tiny little kitchen table gets really messy at times, like today:

img_6336Happy weekend, friends and family.  Stay grateful!