Merry Christmas

This year we did the impossible. When we look back at it now, our jaws still drop.
We took all our kids and drove down to NC. We drove 26 straight hours and only stopped once to eat breakfast. We did have an extra driver; that helped a lot.
We had a great time with family and friends.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support, reading our blog and anything else you might do!
We joined YWAM about a year ago and we could not have done it without you!
Thank you, and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

As a special treat I pasted some stories from my Uber times I wrote earlier.

On a beautiful Thursday morning I found myself driving in my car. It was still dark.  That was because it was around 4.00 AM. Uber had notified me that someone needed a ride.
Uber is great but when it comes down to pin pointing someone’s location they have a lot to learn. This particular morning was no different. Uber told me the rider was waiting for me in a bush next to the highway. So I texted the guy and asked him for his exact address. Sometimes 49877-52344 Rich Ave does not cut it. No reply.
I turned around and started looking for him, luckily I found him pretty quickly and the trip began. After some comments about the weather I asked him if he was working today. His response was: I don’t answer questions. I laughed, thinking he was being funny.
I was wrong.  He explained that he even tells the police that. I was gonna ask him why, but remembered that was useless.

When I signed up for Uber and they asked for my name I told them my name was Huibert. For some reason I didn’t think of the fact that the 250 riders I picked up would all see it and be confused about it. It is a great starter for conversations, especially when my minivan is stuffed with party people trying to pronounce it. One guy thought he really nailed it– Majestic Joe. He went on and on about how I should write a letter to my parents and sign it as MJ – Majestic Joe. Then, since I was writing a letter anyway I should write one to Hillary Clinton and convince her she should vote for Trump. She would surely listen to Majestic Joe from Holland. At the end of the trip he gave me a tip: 8 dollars and a 5 dollar bill. “Twelve dollars for you, Majestic.”