A Very Normal Day

Do you ever have those days that are rough around the edges, no matter how hard you try to smooth them out and make them better? I had one of those recently. Actually, it was today.

It started with a couple of snooze buttons. I usually pop out of bed at 5:00 six days a week, but today I snoozed more than once. I was feeling a little unprepared for this afternoon’s math exam so I dove into studying as soon as I was up, even though God says, “Seek Me first.”

I barely had time to stuff an egg sandwich in my mouth before I headed out the door for school, but lo and behold there was half an inch of ice on my windshield and I couldn’t find the scraper. I chipped away at it with a dustpan until I had a tiny peephole.

My 8:00 English class wasn’t fun. It’s hard to be 33 years old and trying to learn how to write a thesis and develop an argument when you have practiced keeping your opinions tucked in and not arguing for your whole life. I get tired of feeling incompetent so much, especially since incompetence is one of my least favorite feelings.

I skipped history class and went to Ellie’s poetry recital at her school. This was a sweet, bright spot in my day. Ellie recited “Now We Are Six,” by A.A. Milne which cousin Rachel taught her on her 6th birthday in NYC this year. She was just perfect!

I went back to college for my math exam and I wasn’t sure if the answer was dispersion or distribution, but I did my best. At least now I understand what it means when people say that their kid is in the 90th percentile for height. That always made me scratch my head, but no more.

A guy in my class asked me if I was ok because my teeth were bloody. I have no idea why, but they were. I went down the back staircase and I met a guy holding a ladder. He was very polite and made room for me, and I said cheerfully, “Excuse us!” There was no one else around.

I went to the wrong parking lot in the freezing cold, because I forgot where I had parked.

So I stopped for ice cream on the way home but there was construction and terrible traffic and a big fence right across the shortcut I usually take. The drive thru took long and my ice cream was literally warm when I drank it.

I came home and quickly swept the floors because friends were coming over for tea, which was another very warm spot in my day. One of my kids bit the other and then lied about it. So we bundled up nice and warm and went out to play in 33 degrees. Adam made baby Jesus in a manger out of the leftover snow and Ellie climbed a tree. Some students came outside to hug the kids and they made me laugh. The sunset over Pikes Peak was just perfect.

We ate dinner in the dining room, and the mashed potatoes were surprisingly cold. But the meat was good. I have a big research paper to write and a speech to practice and a rhetorical analysis to polish, but I thought it would be good to complain a little and get it out of my system before I tackle my homework.

Truthfully, I feel a lot better now. A day with minor inconveniences and small embarrassments just keeps life interesting and fun.

6 thoughts on “A Very Normal Day

  1. If it’s any consolation, your descriptive miserable day did make me laugh a little :), as it’s very much the kind of day and situation that I would typically live. In fact, yesterday was pretty lousy for me too. Oh, well. We can both buck up. Lately, when things aren’t going well, I just look at the bright yellow mums on my balcony and thank God that He made something so beautiful and cheery, that brings me so much joy, and that He shares it with me. Big hug to you, Joy.

    • Hj always thinks I am very funny when I’m having a rough day, and it does help to know that I can bring cheer even in my “misery.” I hope today is better for you! Thank you for teaching Ellie such a darling poem. She sounds just like you when she recites it!

  2. A sense of humor is just the best tool for dealing with the vagaries of life, especially if you can laugh at yourself. You are brave and if you feel inadequate around all the younguns in the class, never mind. You have so much life already tucked under your belt, and you know lots of things they have yet to struggle through. The obvious is not always the thing that matters the most anyway. (These are the pep talks I give to myself. 🤗)

    • Thank you! I think a lot about the differences between wisdom and knowledge these days. I’ve observed that a lot of knowledge isn’t worth much if it’s not guided by wisdom!

  3. This made me laugh. It’s so relatable, except the classes – not so much for me right now. 😊 I can easily overreact to bad days or bad moments and end them with tears and discouragement… Laughing at it doesn’t come easily for me, but I’m trying to learn…at least learn to smile at my trials if I can’t laugh. 😏

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