Isn’t amazing? You blink your eyes and 3 months have gone by.
Since joining YWAM we very much live in quarters. This fall quarter has been the busiest yet. We had about 100 people join our base to attend or staff schools. It feels like a small village of young people joined our “club.” The DTS alone has 51 students. Because the DTS is so big they divide them up in interests or as we call them “focuses”. We have a mission, sports, worship, identity and calling, and business focus. Joy is heading up the business focus. We have 5 students that come every Friday to learn how you can use business in missions. It has been fun and challenging at the same time.
Joy flew out to Washington DC to join many people on the mall to pray for our nation with “Awaken the Dawn”. The vision she has to go back to the Supreme Court steps every year just keeps coming back. Join us in prayer as we pray about going back on Mother’s Day.

I still run Kairos and we just keep growing and growing! We recently got nominated for fastest growing business in the Springs; we are rejoicing in the success that God gives us.  I have committed to Kairos for another year and hope to make some changes in the areas of our environmental and social bottom line.

Personally I have taken on a intern and a one-on-one for this quarter. I teach the intern how to cook and run the food at Kairos and the one-on-one is one of our business students. I love to invest in relationships one on one and doing this is giving me so much life! Along that note, I have decided that I will staff the FCM part time (counseling school). The school starts in January and has a focus on refugees. I will still be involved at Kairos part time and after the school is over go back full time.

God has also given me some great opportunities to chase my dreams!
I recently started to manage the social media for a couple of social businesses in the 10/40 window. I have discovered that you can reach so many people through Facebook or Instagram that normally would never hear the stories behind these amazing businesses.
I use my new camera to take good photos and I love doing that.
Last weekend I helped film my first wedding and it was so much fun! I felt this was a good step in the right direction. Hopefully I will post a short video of the wedding soon.

With all the time going by so fast my kids won’t stop growing! Adam is totally potty trained and such a wild little gentleman. Ellie goes to dance class every Saturday and goes to pre-school three days in the week. She loves going to school and play with her friends. This stage in life is so much fun and we enjoy every second of it! So when Adam asks to go to the zoo we go, when Ellie wants to go swim we dive right in! Life is too short to stay dry.

Do More

So when I started driving for Uber, I saved that money and me and Joy went to the Bahamas. Then 2017 started and I did not want my Uber money to disappear before my very own eyes. I looked up a plan on the internet to save $5.000 in one year. Every week I go out, I have to make a certain amount of money. I then put that money in a savings account.

One day I was watching some videos on Youtube and I found some really good Dutch Youtube channels. Vloggers and You-tubers alike have risen in the Netherlands and having your own Youtube channel is what you need to be cool. Then I discovered Casey Neistat and I was sold.

I have always loved making videos; I just never had the equipment. I started dreaming: I could do this. If only I had some money to buy a new computer and a camera. Then I remembered I had money. All my Uber money sitting in that dusty bank account. I was hesitant. We recently started budgeting and it has helped us a lot more to steward the money we got. I asked some people if they could lend me their opinion if it was wise to spend that money on myself.

My question was: I have $—- in a savings account here in the states. I was gonna invest it, but now I would like to buy a new computer and a nice camera so I can make videos, which I love doing. What would you advise? 

The common answer was something like: Do the things you love now so you won’t regret that you didn’t later. 

I loved hearing other peoples’ opinions and it helped me a great bunch. One friend asked me some good questions about my life and the future. Because of his questions I now have life insurance and a Costco membership.

After lots of research I decided which computer and camera I wanted. First I bought the camera, secondhand. Then I bought the computer, brand new.
Here comes the crazy part. The day the computer arrived in the mail we got a donation for almost the exact amount I had just spent on the camera and computer.
I honestly didn’t know what to think or what that even meant. What is God trying to say?

Still I am not totally sure. I had to think back to the last week of my DTS lecture phase. Our teacher created this image of a little kid in a ice cream shop and God tells the little kid to get what ever flavor he wants. Pick what you like. I love to see myself in that ice cream shop and I picked “media” as the flavor I like and because God loves to see me happy with the things He created for me, He blesses it. I am sure it sounds like some kind of easy prosperity gospel. But it is quite the opposite, to follow your passion, you often have to take many steps in faith. Go out on a limb take lots of risk, be fearless. I have been cooking all my life and it has been good.  I thank God that he took me that direction. I just know that that is not my calling. Cooking is something I keep doing because I know how.
If I keep cooking, the people around me will never know what I could have been. If I always stay in my comfort zone and never take any risks I will not grow, I will not enjoy my daily life and I will not live in God’s full potential for my life. Lord, help me to do more!

Again, I am still asking God many questions about this and maybe one day I can be confident. For now, I am taking one step at the time.

I am super happy with my camera and I recently played around with it a little bit, click here to watch it.

Thanks for re(w)a(t)d(ch)ing.



Movie Review

I haven’t written a blog in some time and I had this one in the drafts for awhile so, tasked-oriented as I am, I had to finish it before I could start an other one.  Sorry it’s a little silly.

I took my family and a (38 your old female) friend to the $ theatre.
The movie we saw is based on a book. We had the book at home and especially the children seemed impressed with the book so we decided to pay $1.75 to see it in the theatre.

The movie starts.
Now, comparing the beginning of the movie to the beginning of the book is a quick job. There are very little comparisons. Tim, the main character is not in the book. Not mentioned once. In the movie? Seen in every scene!
The movie doesn’t stop at the beginning; it kinda just keeps on going. All of the sudden we deal with a toddler gang, puppies taking over the world and an angry baby that grew up and wished he didn’t. The funniest part of the movie was when my 38-year-old female friend (I hope she doesn’t read this, and if she does I hope she subscribes to our blog) laughed out loud when nobody else did.

I thought the plot of the movie was effortless, cheesy and full of holes.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy watching the movie, as a matter of fact it was the best movie I watched all day. The concept of a baby in a suit demanding meetings all day long and several at night is quite clever. That proves the director of the movie at least read the book or looked at the cover.
The song “Blackbird” by the Beatles helped the movie to knit some loose ends together and end it in a sweet moment where baby and brother discover they like being siblings and the Boss Baby decided to be a real baby. (spoiler alert)

Although the movie was great the book is better. It’s shorter.


Going on an update

I hope you have a moment to sit down and relax.
Just clock out of your busyness and go with us on an update.

Yesterday May 18th it snowed.

I hope you liked our update, sign up to go on more updates.

The Fousert’s

Book review

Since I have children I read a lot more, especially out loud. I easily read 4 to 5 books a day. My favorites are definitely the story books; I’m not so much for the find the yellow cat and lift the flap books.

One of Ellie’s favorites is Farm Yard Tales. It is a collection of stories about the Boot family who live on Apple Tree Farm. On every page there is a little duck hiding so you can imagine the fun we have trying to find it.  Every Barn Yard Tale starts with an introduction of the family:
This is Apple Tree Farm. This is Mrs. Boot, the farmer. She has two children called Poppy and Sam, and a dog called Rusty.

All the stories are similar.  An animal gets lost and they find it. Or an animal is acting up and then it gets better. What I like about the stories is that it is simple and even Adam understands it.
There are about 20 things that I can’t quite get over when reading this book and one of them is the role that the father plays in these sstories. We see the father “figure” in some of the stories but why isn’t he in the introduction? Does the author realize that he is lying every time he introduces the family? This is not the Boot family– this is the Boot family without the provider, the muscles, the man who cuts the meat on Sunday, the head!
I wonder… did dad get the boot?

Why they created Ted, the worker, boggles my mind like it hasn’t boggled before. All Ted does is drive the tractor in the pond and forgets to close the fence. If the father was assigned a tad more authority, Ted would have been fired since day one and it would have saved the Boot family a significant amount of money. With the extra money they could have gone on a vacation and work on their marriage.

There is one particular story where the dad is helping the kids camp out in the yard. When the children lose their tent in the middle of the night because the cow runs away with it, Mr. Boot comes to the rescue, proving that he is part of the family and lives in the same house as them. Of course, this is just a children’s book and I shouldn’t pay attention to the unimportant details. At least it is not a pyramid scheme.



Packing peanut

It’s about time for us to be responsible and tell you what is up.

We seem busy, and that is an easy thing to do around here. We recently realized that we have been in YWAM for more than a year and we still feel like we are the new people. We are finally getting to the place that we call this place home and it feels that way. One thing that really helped was ripping off our ugly old wallpaper. We got some guy to restructure our walls and I put a beautiful Polar Bear White on the wall. All of the sudden it made sense to put something on the wall and it looked good. Our two hotel rooms became a little less hotel and a little bit more a part of us.










Things at Kairos are going good; we are breaking sales records like crazy. After having some problems with dying fridges and other things breaking down it is good to see that we are moving forward. Our shift manager has quit her job, so me and Ryan are doing everything. We are praying for someone else from YWAM to join our team and bring some new vision in. We are still training lots of people to run their own coffee business all over the world. We had a pastor from New Mexico come and join us for a little while to teach him how to start a cafe at his church. Right now we have Lisa with us who possibly wants to open a cafe in Nepal where she runs a hair salon. Ryan is going to visit a couple that went through training at Kairos and just opened a coffee house in Zanzibar, Tanzania. In April we will get 3 more interns through the School of Business and Entrepreneurship and train them to open their own coffee shop or cafe.

Joy will be staffing that school and I am so excited about it. It is a great opportunity for her to be more involved and help out our BAM team.

Not too long ago me and Joy went to a marriage conference in CA. We had such a good time working on our marriage and learning some valuable tools. I had been feeling a little bit down when it came to my relationship with God and was praying for breakthrough. We spent a lot of the week during the marriage conference listening to God and praying for other people. God spoke to me in some powerful ways. But the real fun came when we came back home and God kept on speaking to me. On the radio, I won 8 tickets to a worship concert and felt quite clearly who to take with. The current DTS was having giving night and I felt to give a certain amount of money to a boy, but I didn’t even know his name. The next day he came to me saying that his outreach fees increased and the money I gave was the exact amount he had to pay extra.
Those are small little things but they help me so much to know that God cares about us.


Merry Christmas

This year we did the impossible. When we look back at it now, our jaws still drop.
We took all our kids and drove down to NC. We drove 26 straight hours and only stopped once to eat breakfast. We did have an extra driver; that helped a lot.
We had a great time with family and friends.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support, reading our blog and anything else you might do!
We joined YWAM about a year ago and we could not have done it without you!
Thank you, and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

As a special treat I pasted some stories from my Uber times I wrote earlier.

On a beautiful Thursday morning I found myself driving in my car. It was still dark.  That was because it was around 4.00 AM. Uber had notified me that someone needed a ride.
Uber is great but when it comes down to pin pointing someone’s location they have a lot to learn. This particular morning was no different. Uber told me the rider was waiting for me in a bush next to the highway. So I texted the guy and asked him for his exact address. Sometimes 49877-52344 Rich Ave does not cut it. No reply.
I turned around and started looking for him, luckily I found him pretty quickly and the trip began. After some comments about the weather I asked him if he was working today. His response was: I don’t answer questions. I laughed, thinking he was being funny.
I was wrong.  He explained that he even tells the police that. I was gonna ask him why, but remembered that was useless.

When I signed up for Uber and they asked for my name I told them my name was Huibert. For some reason I didn’t think of the fact that the 250 riders I picked up would all see it and be confused about it. It is a great starter for conversations, especially when my minivan is stuffed with party people trying to pronounce it. One guy thought he really nailed it– Majestic Joe. He went on and on about how I should write a letter to my parents and sign it as MJ – Majestic Joe. Then, since I was writing a letter anyway I should write one to Hillary Clinton and convince her she should vote for Trump. She would surely listen to Majestic Joe from Holland. At the end of the trip he gave me a tip: 8 dollars and a 5 dollar bill. “Twelve dollars for you, Majestic.”

That sinking feeling


I’m picking up my digital pen again.
Not so much because I feel like I have to, but mainly because I like to write.
Just recently we had a heap of stress on our plate. It was one of those heaps where you are at the bottom, and when you look up you can’t see the end of it.
Just like our sinks. We live in two hotel rooms and in the one room someone had built a thing one might call a kitchenette. We call it our kitchen. We do not have a stove or an oven, but we do have a counter and two sinks. One day the sink decided that it had such a special attraction toward the water that it did not want to drain it away. The stack of dishes reached the ceiling by the time I figured out that the problem wasn’t in our pipes.
My friend suggested I get the shop vac out and either blow or suck all my sorrows away.
I had 3 sinks to deal with, so I blocked the two and stuck the vacuum in the third. The water sprayed everywhere because I forgot the little overflow hole in the bathroom sink. Later when I asked our neighbors if their sinks were clogged, she began to tell me in great detail that her sinks indeed were not draining. The water keeps coming up their sinks and one time it even sprayed her whole bathroom. I quickly steered away from the drain subject and stated that the weather is really great for this time of the year.

At church the pastor kept saying that when you do something in your own strength, you need to keep it up in your own strength. I worked and worked to fix that drain. I pulled out all of my tricks involving baking soda and chemicals.  It should have been easy, but it wasn’t. It just was one of those things that added stress to our lives. I had a choice– either make things worse by keep trying to fix the sinks in my own strength or surrendering to the fact that I wasn’t able to fix the sink and call the maintenance guy.
So, I gave up. I put the sinks on the altar of first world problems and contacted the maintenance guy. The feeling was liberating. The problem is taken care of.

I got my ladder out and started to wash the dishes at the top.  With my hands in the soapy water, my stress fled right into the drain.

‘Business as Missions’ at work

Next week is the last week in the SOBE (School of Business and Entrepreneurship). The SOBE is a school that our Business as Mission teams pulls off every year starting in April. The school gets a lot of teachers in and they talk about all aspects of business as missions. At the end of the school the students are expected to present their business plan to a shark tank and hopefully start a business to advance the kingdom. This year 2 of the students in the school are from Honduras. Joy is the mentor of one of them and meets with her every week.

Two other students, a couple from the Ukraine interns at Kairos. We are teaching them how to run a coffee business so they can start one in the Ukraine and employ orphans.
They will stay here in the Springs with us for two more months after they finish up the school.

latte art
The fun part about running Kairos is that we train people to do business as mission but at the same time we ARE doing business as mission. Our barista Brad, 20 years old, started working at Kairos a little over half a year ago. He claims that if he had known that we were a Christian business he would have never applied. He grew up in a Mormon family and hated everything that has to do with religion, claiming he is an atheist. He loves working for us and he gained friends quickly. Now he is applying to do the DTS (Bible School) here on base. It is amazing what a healthy work environment can do!

How I said no to $5,000

Man: Hey! Would you like $5,000 ?
Me: No!


Just in the last couple of weeks God has reminding me of His vision for my life. One may call it “calling”. It was the topic at a business breakfast I attended and it was the theme in two books I read.
Some of the questions I was struggling with were: What is it that God wants me to do?
The thing I am doing now, is it life-giving? Do I like what I am doing? What else will do if I could do anything?
When I volunteered at Way FM, a Christian radio station, I had so much fun that I couldn’t stop thinking: this must be how it is to do something you really like.
That week at the radio station made me re-think my purpose and future. I love radio and media (I always have) and maybe God is trying to tell me something with the desires in my heart. So I looked into going back to school for a Masters in communications.
A little later, Way FM did a contest on the radio where you had to submit a picture of yourself in your future career. I asked God if He wanted me to go back to school and if so, if He could let me win first or second prize in that contest.
So now I had to take a picture of myself in my future career, and that is hard.
Right before the deadline, I submitted the photo and I had to wait a couple of weeks for the results.
I was cooking soup for Kairos and I got the phone call, “Congratulations! You have won second place in our contest and you won a $5,000 scholarship.” I knew I was supposed to be happy about this but I wasn’t. I didn’t want to go back to school.
After a meeting with my ministry leader, I realized that this is a season for us to commit.
We committed to YWAM for two years and I want to give them my very best. So I honored the commitment and I said, “No thank you,” to college.
I never wanted to go back to school but if that is what it takes to live out my calling then I am willing to do that. There is a certain beauty in asking God what He has for your life and then asking Him what it takes to get there. I believe that God puts desires in your heart and it is up to you to follow those.
Now, I am thankful for the $5,000. It confirmed my calling in media and one day I will go and reach the unreached with radio and media. With a degree or without. For now, I am learning how to get closer to God and listen.

Through uncharted waters I will carry Good News to the nations, knock on closed doors and reach the unreached through media communications.

Through uncharted waters I will carry Good News to the nations, knock on closed doors and reach the unreached through media communications.