How I said no to $5,000

Man: Hey! Would you like $5,000 ?
Me: No!


Just in the last couple of weeks God has reminding me of His vision for my life. One may call it “calling”. It was the topic at a business breakfast I attended and it was the theme in two books I read.
Some of the questions I was struggling with were: What is it that God wants me to do?
The thing I am doing now, is it life-giving? Do I like what I am doing? What else will do if I could do anything?
When I volunteered at Way FM, a Christian radio station, I had so much fun that I couldn’t stop thinking: this must be how it is to do something you really like.
That week at the radio station made me re-think my purpose and future. I love radio and media (I always have) and maybe God is trying to tell me something with the desires in my heart. So I looked into going back to school for a Masters in communications.
A little later, Way FM did a contest on the radio where you had to submit a picture of yourself in your future career. I asked God if He wanted me to go back to school and if so, if He could let me win first or second prize in that contest.
So now I had to take a picture of myself in my future career, and that is hard.
Right before the deadline, I submitted the photo and I had to wait a couple of weeks for the results.
I was cooking soup for Kairos and I got the phone call, “Congratulations! You have won second place in our contest and you won a $5,000 scholarship.” I knew I was supposed to be happy about this but I wasn’t. I didn’t want to go back to school.
After a meeting with my ministry leader, I realized that this is a season for us to commit.
We committed to YWAM for two years and I want to give them my very best. So I honored the commitment and I said, “No thank you,” to college.
I never wanted to go back to school but if that is what it takes to live out my calling then I am willing to do that. There is a certain beauty in asking God what He has for your life and then asking Him what it takes to get there. I believe that God puts desires in your heart and it is up to you to follow those.
Now, I am thankful for the $5,000. It confirmed my calling in media and one day I will go and reach the unreached with radio and media. With a degree or without. For now, I am learning how to get closer to God and listen.

Through uncharted waters I will carry Good News to the nations, knock on closed doors and reach the unreached through media communications.

Through uncharted waters I will carry Good News to the nations, knock on closed doors and reach the unreached through media communications.

Getting married (on time) is important

Today there is an opportunity to say something which we can only say once: there is one month between the wedding and now. Our “yes I do” will have a totally different meaning to it when we say it now.
It is exciting to think of the fact that in one month time we are all together, the sun shines, sweat drips on your forehead, music plays, one family meats the other, we celebrate and most of all honor God. After all without God non of this would ever happen.
What we can do in this period of time? Just wait. If you want some advice of how to wait I can give you some, I came a long way myself.
I waited on the train once, I was reading a book and when I heard something on the background I discovered it was to late all ready. I missed the train while waiting on it.  Just to make sure I am not missing my own wedding I am careful with reading books. Just the bible and thats about it.

Getting married is important. We better realize that being on time is an aspect of getting married. So being on time is important. Since I have an extra reminder to be on time (I don’t want to miss my plane) I certainly will be on time.  But for you, who ever reads this I challenge you to be on time, cause I know you can do it, thank you.


Oaxaca, the home town of mole chicken.
We spent there 3 days with Alex and Christa. It was a blessing to see them again and to see how they live there in taco land, Mexico.


These are our Friends Alex and Christa





Cooking pizza with jalapenos peppers

View from Monte Alban






Alex on his job as a welder


Wheels on the road.

We met in Spain, started dating in Honduras, got engaged in Holland and are getting married in the U.S.  Honduras there in that little row is a special one. Joy lived there the last 10 months and leaving was not very easy. Before we left we visited Denys and Yoli up in the mountains, they brought us to our bus station and then off we went! 8 hours to Antigua! The bus ride was more then comfortable and that made it all go by very fast. When we arrived in Antigua and we wanted to get our bags we found our selfs without bags! The nice lady told us she loaded it on the mini bus at the place where we transferred but with words alone you are.. without luggage! We met up with our friends and we spent a good day in Antigua, which is such a nice city. We will leave again in the early morning towards Mexico!

You are welcome.

Thank you for visiting our website. You made the right choice! Of any country in the world we picked Honduras to prepare. Honduras is treating us well, giving us good weather and even quite a bit of ministry options to have a little taste of what our future might look like. But lets not go forward too quickly. Right now we are preparing for our wedding and planning it into the little details. We just finished making the invitations and now it is time to choose if we want broccoli or carrots to eat on the big day. Soon we will hop on the bus that will take us to Mexico. On our way we will stop in Guatemala to visit with friends. In Mexico we will visit friends as well and then we part again to go to our own beloved home country’s. We will say goodbye for our very last time. When Huibertjan will go to Holland he will find a job and a house to live in! Joy will prepare for the wedding which will be in NC.  We will keep you up to date on this blog and tell you of all our adventures along the road. Thank you and we will see you soon.
Huibertjan and Joy.