I sat down to write an update in the early morning and then this happened: I am in the dining room just outside our room when I hear yelling and barking. The guard dog “Trooper” (the one that eats children) just came running by, a girl quickly flees into the kitchen and slams the door. The dog sniffs at the corner of a wall and lifts his leg. A stream of steaming yellow substance comes flowing out and hits the white tile floor. I hear my self say; Oh No! I ask for some cleaning supplies and clean it up.
I wonder if this is normal; I decide that it is.

We arrived at the YWAM base and it really is a nice place. Twelve, mostly young people live on this base and they run the place. Most of them speak good English. The first couple of days most people were at a conference so we were off to rest. We went to a small group meeting and I shared my testimony. We went to a mall. Yesterday we spent the morning praying in a prayer room downtown. The room is on the 22nd floor of a hotel and overlooks the city. The people who started the room have been there for 10 years and have seen many changes because of prayer.

Our church has asked us for some prayer requests and I thought I could share them here too. Thank you.

– That we could open up and have deep relationships with the people here.
– That the kids will be able to adjust well.
– Finances, we need the rest of the money in 2 days.

5 thoughts on “Jet-lag

  1. Joy, where/how do we send you money? We are in Alaska now and don’t have all you info with us. Blessings my sweet friends! SOOOO excited for you and your adventure! Much love to you all!

    • You can go to the top of our page and click on missions. There is a link to our paypal account.
      We should skype some time! Would love to hear about your Alaska adventures!

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