Overheard (all the good things)


“A whole afternoon at home by myself!?”  -ME, JOY! (I said that! Just today!)


“My preacher is named Miss Hamburger and I don’t like her.”  -Ellie, always getting her teachers mixed up with her preachers, as well as getting her Miss Ambers mixed up with her hamburgers


“Hello, this is Amanda calling to let you know that you won a pampering session for yourself and a friend!”  -the girl from the fondue restaurant we went to on Mother’s Day

“God, thank you that our kids are sleeping so well nowadays.  It is truly amazing.” -Hj prayed that the other night!


“PAPA!!  PAPA!!”  -Adam, every single time he sees me, his mother


“I don’t like tacos.” -no Juan, ever


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