Maybe the reason I find social media awkward is because I picture everything.  When you send me an emoji, I picture you making that face.  😯 When I post something on Instagram, I actually picture myself standing on a platform behind a pulpit, saying the caption aloud to 150 people/followers.  (This includes an overhead projection of my photo.)  When I write a blog post and nobody comments, I feel like a whole bunch of people are silently sitting in a circle, staring at me after I just shared my heart with them.

I guess I should just keep talking.

Whenever I’m around people who are married, I always have this burning question on my mind: “How is your marriage going, for real?”  In 6 years of marriage, I might have been asked that question once.  It seems like your marriage relationship is a pretty big part of your life if you’re married, but I guess people want to honor and respect their partners by never talking about them.  I just love talking about marriage, but how do you casually ease into the subject?

I wonder if I should just keep talking.

A lot of people left our church recently.  We’ve been there for a year and a half so we feel pretty at home.  It’s an odd conversation to have when your friend says, “I wanted to tell you we started going to another church.”  What is the appropriate thing to say?  Do you offer sympathy?  Do you hide your surprise or display it?  Do you ask more questions or was that the end of the conversation?  I think I said something smooth and cool like, “Oh!  Ok.”

I bet I shouldn’t just keep talking.

The thing about old people is, they love to talk.  They have so many interesting stories to tell, including all the details and dates and people you don’t know.  I was trying to think of a new type of event we could do at our coffee shop, and I thought of “Olde-Tyme Story Thyme,” where we invite old people to talk for 2 hours straight about whatever they want.  I imagine the audience knitting, painting, and checking Facebook on their phones, all while listening to an elderly person talk about.  Maybe if the old people get all the stories out that are stuck in their head, they won’t hold me up in the check out line.

I should really stop talking.

I’ve had a blog post in my drafts for months.  It’s called, “De-plaining” and it’s all about how I used to be plain but I’m not anymore.  You would probably find it very interesting but I’m not sure how interesting I’m up for being at the moment.  Basically, I wrestle with the question of whether it’s possible to leave the Mennonites or not, which is another one of those questions burning on my mind, but I feel isn’t welcome in polite society.

I stopped talking, for now.

28 thoughts on “Talking

  1. I’m one of these people who loves the questions that aren’t exactly normal in polite society. Speak on!

  2. I like when somebody asks me how my marriage is going for real! I guess a lot of people maybe don’t want to ask because they might be interfering or maybe they might get asked. 😁

  3. I suppose I am one of the silent circle, because I generally read eagerly and then move on without comment. But I totally love real questions, and it would be so much fun to discuss Marriage, Mothering, and Mennonites with you.

  4. This post makes me want to sit for a while and have a good conversation with you. I am old so I could talk, but no, I would rather have you talk.

    • I would love to listen to you, Katie. I think your brain is still young and curious about everything, so we would have lots to discuss.

  5. Well I for one love when you talk-online or in real life! If more of us pictured social media like you do, perhaps we’d all be more real. And by the way, you may ask me non conventional questions, but it’s posssible you’d get more of an answer than you expected.🙃(Can you picture me doing that?)

  6. I loved this. 👍😉. Id be more than happy to discuss any of these subjects with you over coffee. (Or, realistically, while chasing our kids around a playground) I love your candid blast of reality in a cyber world. 😀

  7. Keep talking, my friend.. I’ve thought and wondered a lot of these same things.. hugs to you.. Oh, I forgot, you don’t really like hugs.. well, love to you! 🙂

  8. All this does is make me want a big long catchup so I can hear you talk a lot. I promise to ask lots of awkward questions and make lots of awkward observations. Keep talking, ok?

  9. I enjoy your blog posts! Please keep taking and I’m looking forward to reading the deplaining post. 😉 Yes, I physically made that face just for your benefit!

  10. Haha! Girl You Got Your Talk On Alright😘
    Just be you..if you squeak a no talk day- that’s cool
    If one day you want all the dates— bring it on!
    Missing you🤗

  11. I’ve been meaning to comment but I’m so busy with a weight loss race with my sister. Do you want me to keep talking?

  12. If I sit silently staring from your audience circle it is because I am distracted by imagining your beautiful face.

  13. I came back to make sure I haven’t missed your “De-plaining” post. I would be honored to hear/read your thoughts on the subject. I have seldom known anyone who did it who was willing to be asked about it.

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