The other day in the news, Blackpool (England) was mentioned, and my mind flipped back to when we did a sort of mini-outreach there during my DTS.  I remembered again the Syndicate building, that strange, giant building in the middle of Blackpool that I marched around seven times in obedience to God’s voice in my ear.  He just whispered to me a simple command to go and walk seven times around that building, claiming it for Him.  It was huge, but not until I started walking did I realize it took up a whole block.  What else I realized is that it was a night club.  Rachel joined me so I wouldn’t walk alone, and Luigi joined as well for most of the rounds, with his gentle, smiling protection through the dark alleys.  It was a long walk, and a long time to seven.  It was dark and cold and the pubs on the opposite streets were full of carousing men who laughed every time we passed by yet again.  Since that day, God has often repeated the command to “pray for the Syndicate building.”  Many times I have breathed prayers into it from afar and claimed that ground for YWAM or some other ministry.  So on Thursday when I was reminded yet again to pray for the Syndicate building, I decided to check online for answers to my prayers.  I typed into Google “syndicate building blackpool england” and my eyes opened wide as I scanned the first line of the Wikipedia article.  “The Syndicate was a superclub and music venue in Blackpool, England.  It was the largest nightclub in northwest England.”  Was?  WAS?  I ended up on the Syndicate’s website, where there is a note that reports they closed last month and explains, “Contrary to the inevitable speculation the cessation of trade is not as a result of trading, which has significantly enhanced over the last 6 months following the refurbishment, but is the result of a very difficult, unforeseen, unmanageable external factor.” I love when God is called unmanageable!!
In the past few weeks as we have asked God how to help the prostitutes in the street near us, He asked us if we are willing to get up when they have (finally) gone to bed and to pray in their street.  Normally we avoid it, as do all our friends.  But in the quiet, early mornings these past weeks we have been marching through that enemy territory declaring war and destruction and predicting an end to this business in our community.  We claim it for Jesus, claim it as a place where He will one day be honored because He is the King and He is the King over all other kings.

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