I became an Uber driver. I thought I give it a try and I like it quite a bit. I drive once or twice a week starting at 8.00 PM till 3.00 A.M. Around 1.00 A.M the demand for Uber drivers goes up and so does the price. I drove two girls 30 minutes to the next city and made $100 just because the price was up 4.3 times as much as normal.
It makes a little bit of extra money and besides that, I want to join our supporters and support my family as much as I can outside my ministry.
I just started but I already feel I could write a book about my adventures.

*I picked up a girl from Pennsylvania and she needed to go to the Broadmoor Hotel: WEST entrance. I confidently drove right past it and got lost. I decided to drop her off at the main entrance and she could take a shuttle. While I was still driving her, I got a call from the next riders.  They were waiting for me at the WEST entrance of the Broadmoor Hotel. Very quietly I followed the shuttle, waited till my previous rider was out of sight and picked up the next riders. They happened to be part of a singing group called “Selah.” We talked a lot and at the end of the trip Todd handed me a wrinkly envelope  with $60. Praise God, what a tip!

*I picked up one of the top guys from Yahoo. I had to stop 3 times to let him open the door and vomit; he had eaten a candy bar with some “bad” ingredients.

*I picked up 2 girls fresh out of Mexico. They bought about everything Walmart had to offer them, including a brand new bike!

*I picked up 2 girls from the Olympic Centre. They are going to try out in swimming for the upcoming Olympics. The one girl was blind.

*I picked up a drunk guy once and he was showing me the way to go. We totally got lost and finally I said let me just follow the GPS. He stopped at a 7/11, got some money out and gave me a $5 tip.

* I picked up a couple and they told me they had just gotten married. They were dressed casually and I’m pretty sure I picked them up at a bar. I dropped them of right behind the “Gas and Grass” in a beautiful lodge. Happy birthday on your marriage!

* I picked up a group of young people, and one of the guys rolled down the window and started yelling at a girl in a sports car. He told me to keep up with her and continued yelling at the girl, trying to get her attention. After awhile, his friend who sat in the back commented: “Dude! You’re in a minivan!”

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  1. Okay. Now I’m super jealous you got to meet the Selah group. 😝 I’ve enjoyed their music for many years now!

  2. Sounds like your Uber adventure is off to a roaring start… Keep a journal with these experiences and encounters! The journal will fill the book you say you could write… and the book will help support more future adventures…
    And yeah…who would guess you would pick up the Selah folks, right off the bat? Meeting Todd would be an honor, especially after such a lovely intro from his wife:

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